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        i have been following this recently without signing up.  i have a newer pc with intel hd 2000 or something and noticed the issue with deep color over hdmi as well as the ycbcr setting not sticking when enabled.

        i just checked now and saw a new driver,

        i installed it now and it has redesigned the interface of the intel graphics.  but i still have issues with the ycbcr setting not sticking.


        the problem i have on my set up is that i have it connected to my onkyo receiver, which then splits the audio to the surround sound and the picture to my projector.  i cant even enable the YCbCR setting, it simply tries to enable it and then reverts to RGB.   so as a fix I can VNC into my PC with the PC not selected on receiver, enable YCbCr, then change receiver input to PC and the PC will show as YCbCr 24bit.  But as soon as I load a game, or change Input to STB and back to PC, it will revert to the RGB 24bit with the Limited color range selected.  I also have no option to manually change my projector or receiver to handle Limited and pass through Limited.  I was under the impression these days that most devices auto pass this information correctly, and so a device will auto accept what is being sent and change accordingly.  i have years of knowledge and understand everything about EDID handshake issues, resolutions blah blah and recall the early common issues with devices when HDMI was being first implemented.  , but I can't be bothered trying to change this GPU EDID settings manually to work myself. 


        i was quick to pick up on this issue the other day when setting up this PC and then found these discussions online.  luckily i will be getting a Nvidia 670GTX very soon, as using the Intel GPU was only my interim solution.  But in saying that, it is disappointing that from a media playback perspective, this Intel GPU is very capable of handling Bluray, bitstream HD audio, and possibly 3D playback.  Yet the lack of a simple working Deep HDMI or YCbCr enabling feature can really affect the true potential of this.

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          it seems there is a work around for issue in windows os.

          intel hd graphics driver --> select properties -->custom resolution  --> enter resolution and select timing standard "CVT-RB" --> add.

          Details can be found here..

          "[H]ard|Forum - View Single Post - Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M


          In Linux os, a fix has been made in kernel v3.9 rc1


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            if i do that i will get deep colour on some settings, but it will always overscan the wrong way.

            so say 50/60hz on CEA 861 are the only ones that won't overscan, but the colour is limited.

            all others will mix between limited and deep, but all overscan.

            i should add though I am only using an older 720p Infocus x9 projector at the moment.  So not sure if this causes issues.  But I've never had an overscan issue with any other device before.  And I tested a NVIDIA laptop that was fine.


            On a side note though, I can get 720p to work at 50/60/72/96/100 and 120hz native on my projector, which is something I never thought it would do seeing it is old. Receiver shows 72/96/120hz etc.  My projector also shows it, and I can hear it change.  I have done some tests with XBMC playing 24p video and I can see it is working as it should when using 72hz and 96hz compered to past uses which I only had 50/60hz with 3:2 pulldown.  I ran these tests as I use to have a Pioneer Kuro that could do 72hz and remember that being a funny locked setting that only happened when you use a Blu-Ray player and set it to 24p, not something you could force.


            If only the overscan issue didn't happen, then it would be quite a capable little GPU

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              Thank for pointing out the custom resolution potential work-around. Similar approaches have been reported in the past, and I have tried custom resolutions myself without luck. I have not tried the CVT-RB timing option, but might the next time I pull out my discrete ATI card.

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                Ian Kennedy

                Well, I just tried the 3/22 driver drop and we get:


                1. Working check box to toggle "full" and "limited" So at least that option is there
                2. Super pimp new UI. Yay? Ohhhh. It looks kinda metro. Bravo. Foxtrot. December.


                But the core issue is still there: all HDMI output is scaled to 16-235 and blacks are clipped if you want proper video levels. I'd roll my eyes some more, but I think I'd detach my optic nerve doing so.


                Come ON Intel! Man.


                Bonus bug: black screen on protected H.264 content. So, if you're using Media Center in a market that applies crypto to your H.264 TV you are totally hosed.


                Fun update: the new driver lacks custom res support in the control panel. Nice. So if THAT work around worked for you, don't upgrade. It did not work for me.

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                  Tried the new driver too. Oh well, tells us a lot about Intel priorities. Terrifying Metro UI instead of a properly working driver. Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo.

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                    Anyone had any luck or further news about this issue?

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                      Yes, any luck with resolving this issue? I vote we post everyday until something is done!

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                        I am affected by this colour banding issue and lack of EDID override functionality in the Intel HD (4000 in my case) drivers. As it appears that these aren't things Intel is planning to fix, would this device


                        provide a workaround for both of these problems?

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                          There is a custom resolution tool hidden in C:\Windows\System32, just do a search in the directory for CustomModeApp, with this you can override EDID. For some reason Intel have not included this in the main control panel.

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                            Thanks for the tip about the custom resolution tool. It seems to be only on the newer drivers with the 'tile' style interface. (i.e. http://communities.intel.com/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/2-200889-232731/Untitled.jpg)
                            I can't see a way of overriding the EDID capabilities for the HDMI audio sink device though. My TV (HDMI) is being detected as only 2 channel stereo capable, even though a multi-channel AV receiver is connected to its optical output. I've proven with a hardware EDID hacker that the TV will quite happily pass compressed audio streams to the AV receiver if it's supplied with them. The problem is really with the TV I suppose, but I believe that AMD / nVidia owners have the capability to work around this at the PC end.

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                              Where can you find driver version 3222?

                              Never mind, it seems it's only available for 3rd gen and above

                              My system is 2nd gen and I am stuck on 3062.

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                                Actually, in the older driver (3062), Custom Resolution is available under Display. I guess they decided it's not for the average user to try something like that in the newer drivers.

                                I just haven't gotten around to trying it yet on my home system. I use Lucid VIRTU whenever I need access to Intel Quicksync h/w transcoding acceleration and my ATI card works great for display.

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                                  I'm also having this issue and of course finding year old threads of Intel claiming to work on fixing it and then not a peep about it since.


                                  Intel, fix your drivers please, it's been WAY too long without a response on this, let alone a fix.


                                  Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000





                                  Report Date:            12/30/2013

                                  Report Time[hh:mm:ss]:        15:06:59

                                  Driver Version:  

                                  Operating System:        Windows 8  (6.2.9200)

                                  Default Language:        English (United States)

                                  DirectX* Version:        11.0

                                  Physical Memory:        7866 MB

                                  Processor:            Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7

                                  Processor Speed:        3500 MHz

                                  Vendor ID:            8086

                                  Device ID:            0122

                                  Device Revision:        09





                                  *   Processor Graphics Information   *



                                  Processor Graphics in Use:        Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

                                  Video BIOS:            2143.0

                                  Current Graphics Mode:        1920 by 1080





                                  *   Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator   *



                                  Active Digital Televisions: 1

                                      *    Digital Television    *



                                  Monitor Name:            Generic PnP Monitor

                                  Display Type:            Digital

                                  Gamma Value:            2.2

                                  DDC2 Protocol:            Supported



                                  Maximum Image Size:

                                  Horizontal:            20.47 inches

                                  Vertical:            11.42 inches



                                  Monitor Supported Modes:

                                  640 by 480 (67 Hz)

                                  640 by 480 (72 Hz)

                                  640 by 480 (75 Hz)

                                  640 by 480 (60 Hz)

                                  720 by 400 (70 Hz)

                                  800 by 600 (72 Hz)

                                  800 by 600 (75 Hz)

                                  800 by 600 (56 Hz)

                                  800 by 600 (60 Hz)

                                  832 by 624 (75 Hz)

                                  1024 by 768 (75 Hz)

                                  1024 by 768 (70 Hz)

                                  1024 by 768 (60 Hz)

                                  1152 by 864 (75 Hz)

                                  1280 by 1024 (60 Hz)

                                  1280 by 1024 (75 Hz)

                                  1440 by 900 (60 Hz)

                                  1680 by 1050 (60 Hz)

                                  1920 by 1080 (60 Hz)




                                  Display Power Management Support:

                                  Standby Mode:            Not Supported

                                  Suspend Mode:            Not Supported

                                  Active Off Mode:        Supported



                                  Raw EDID:

                                  00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 04 69 F2 23 E9 24 00 00

                                  30 14 01 03 80 34 1D 78 2A C7 20 A4 55 49 99 27

                                  13 50 54 BF EF 00 71 4F 81 80 95 00 B3 00 D1 C0

                                  01 01 01 01 01 01 02 3A 80 18 71 38 2D 40 58 2C

                                  45 00 09 25 21 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FF 00 41 43 4C

                                  4D 54 46 30 30 39 34 34 39 0A 00 00 00 FD 00 37

                                  4B 1E 55 10 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC

                                  00 41 53 55 53 20 56 48 32 33 36 48 0A 20 01 E4

                                  02 03 22 71 4F 01 02 03 11 12 13 04 14 05 0E 0F

                                  1D 1E 1F 10 23 09 07 01 83 01 00 00 65 03 0C 00

                                  10 00 8C 0A D0 8A 20 E0 2D 10 10 3E 96 00 09 25

                                  21 00 00 18 01 1D 00 72 51 D0 1E 20 6E 28 55 00

                                  09 25 21 00 00 1E 01 1D 00 BC 52 D0 1E 20 B8 28

                                  55 40 09 25 21 00 00 1E 8C 0A D0 90 20 40 31 20

                                  0C 40 55 00 09 25 21 00 00 18 00 00 00 00 00 00

                                  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 73



                                  * Other names and brands are the property of their respective owners. *