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    Cant turn ON Wireless 2230 + windows 8

    Thiago Maia

      first sorry about my English


      Hello, seems a lot of comment about this wireless 2230.

      I was using with windows 7 without any problems

      When I changed to windows 8 started the issues.

      I just cant turn ON the wireless most of times

      I tried to install the drivers from HP

      I tried the autodetect and update from intel

      Product DetectedIntel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230
      Current Driver Installed15.6.1.6
      Your driver is current.


      I tried remove and reinstall, when I do that, some times it works

      I discover also that, if I remove the driver, then I install another driver from another wireless (wrong one), appear in the device the right driver and in the next reboot sometimes it works.

      I also tried to reinstall windows 8


      It seems to me some windows 8 update, maybe


      All morning is the same filling "I hope today my wireless is working" Some times it works sometimes it doesnt.

      Im pretty sure the wireless is fine, is really a issue with windows 8


      please, somebody have any  advice?


      thanks and best regards

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          Thank you for posting Thiago.


          If the only thing that changed is the operating system we suggest checking if your router’s firmware is up to date. Otherwise you may want to contact the computer manufacturer for further assistance.

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            Thiago Maia

            Hello Joe


               Thank you for the repply. I actually connecting my new HP by cable to an old Acer, to use the Acer wireless to have internet. It always work in this case.

                Also if the driver it works on my computer in a day,  it works well until next reboot. Because that, Seens to me its not a router issue.

                I still thinking is the driver that doenst work well on windows 8. At list in my windows 8.


            thanks and best regards.


            Thiago Maia