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    DN2800MT - mSATA SSD not recognized



      im trying to use mSATA SSD drive (32G from asus netbook) on this board, but board doesnt to see it.


      I have last BIOS (v.0155)

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          i have the same problem with a Kingspec 8GB mSata module (KSM-mSATA.5-008MJ), i´ve been tested Bios version 0.155 and 0.156.


          Exist a compatibly list?


          best regard

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            João Silva

            I installed a Kingston SSDNow 32 GB module in the PCI-E slot, but the BIOS does not seem to recognize it.

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              Ruben Ramos

              Hi Weex,


              We don’t have a compatibility list of SSDs that you can use. What you can do is access this link: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-032415.htm.


              If you have another system available, check the SSD in that system to see if you are getting the same results.


              Or try running a low-level format on the mSATA SSD in a different computer and try it again, we have seen that right after doing that the system recognizes it.

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                Do you have anything plugged into the Grey SATA connector? The NM10 chipset provides only two SATA ports. One of these ports is dedicated to the Black SATA connector. The other is shared between the mPCIe connector and the Grey SATA connector. If you have something plugged into the Grey SATA connector, a mSATA plugged into the mPCIe connector is NOT going to be recognized...


                If you have a device plugged into the Grey SATA connector but nothing plugged into the Black SATA connector, move the SATA cable from the Grey SATA connector to the Black SATA connector. This will free up the second SATA port to service the mSATA drive. If, on the other hand, you have devices plugged into both the Grey and Black SATA connectors and you need both of these devices to stay connected, you are not going to be able to use the mPCIe connector for a mSATA drive...



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                  João Silva

                  In my case I don't have any other SATA devices.

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                    I am also having this problem.


                    Intel DN2800MT motherboard with the latest BIOS, Toshiba THNSNB128GMCJ mSATA SSD


                    The mSATA SSD does not show up in the BIOS no matter what is or isn't connected in any configuration. I have installed windows 7 on another normal SATA drive and I can not see the SSD from within windows. I've booted from a clonezilla CD and it can't find any mounted or unmounted drives in the machine.


                    As far as the hardware seems to be concerned there's a piece of cardboard in the mini pcie slot, not an SSD. I do not have any other machines with mSATA ports to test the SSD in.


                    How can I possibly fix this problem, it seems that for some reason some SSD's are not compatible with the Intel board but so far nobody seems to have been able to figure out why and nobody from Intel has been able to tell us what drives ARE compatible or why some do not work. I would have thought that anything compliant to a specification should work, just like normal SATA drives appear to.



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                      João Silva

                      From what I was latter told by Intel's support:


                         "Only the model Intel® SSD 525 Series is tested to be working with our NUC motherboards."

                      Others may or may not work.