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    RS2WC40 - Windows fails after BIOS Update

    Ray Tracy

      Hi, everybody: I was getting intermittant failure messages using an RS2WC040 card. The Intel RAID Web2 administration software gave me a Controller 0 failed and was reset error, but the system booted OK, and everything seemed to be fine. Except for that error that kept coming up on re-boot. The client was nervous, and rightly so, when a big red X comes up and says Controller failure. So I decided the best bet was to update the BIOS of the card.


      I get almost up to the Windows 7 login screen, and I get a 0x7B blue screen (inaccessable boot disk)

      I made sure before I UG'd the BIOS (from 4.20 to 4.35) that I went in to the BIOS setttings, wrote them all down, and after the apparently successful BIOS Flash, that they were all the same. (They are.)


      Except that now I can't boot. 


      Safe Mode, Last Known Good config...no difference. Same BSOD.


      Anyone got any answers short of a re-build? Please?


      Motherboard is an Asus Sabertooth (sic) X79. Windows is Win 7- 64-bit

      Thanks in advance. 040