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    Issue with HD 4000 and external monitor


      Hi everyone, I have recently bought a laptop that came with intel HD 4000 and Nvidia gtx 660m, works fine, the only issue I have is by trying to connect my samsung P2470 external monitor with HDMI, it connects but the image is all fuzzy and the resolutions seems odd, things stretch out of the screen.


      I tried changing resolution and frequency but nothing seems to work. It's strange because on my 6y old acer everything works. It's not a matter of cable since I can connect said cable to the xbox 360 and works perfectly.


      I have windows 7 64bit.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hello Azeexmachina,


          I understand you are having problems with the image when connecting an external monitor to the HDMI in your system.


          It is important to mention that the computer you have has switchable graphics. This means that your computer has two graphics controllers, the Intel® HD Graphics 4000 and the Nvidia gtx660, and you have the possibility to select what to use or sometimes, the system automatically will change the graphics controller depending on the use.


          Be aware that the special configuration in your system requires special drivers. We as Intel®, provide the hardware to the system manufacturer like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, etc… and they will design and create customize drivers specifically for your system. Due to this, I suggest you contacting your computer manufacturer to get the drivers specifically for your system.