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    USB 3.0 Not Working In Windows

    Spectre XT



      I own a HP Spectre XT 2100ea which is designed for and comes pre-installed with Windows 8. I haven't ever owned a USB 3 device up until now, my friend purchased me a Western Digital MyBook (which comes with the special blue usb 3 cable)


      So here's where the problems began. The drive was just operating at USB 2 speeds. I messed around installing various community hacks and fixes to install the Windows 7 drivers into my Windows 8 operating system. This made no difference, the drive still ran at USB 2 speeds.


      I decided to use the HP Recovery partition to just go back to a fresh build of my laptop, but this failed and took out my Windows 8 install.


      HP are sending me a USB recovery set which should arrive in a few weeks. In the meantime I've installed Windows 7 x64 by using the have disk driver method to get Windows 7 working (if anyone wants to know how, I can write a small guide)


      I've put all my drivers in place, everything working fine but even in Windows 7 64bit I'm still only getting USB 2 speeds!


      I was just hoping this was a Windows 7 issue but it seems to be a generic across the board Windows driver issue.


      I am using the intel drivers (Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Drivers)


      Below is how my devices are looking by connection, I don't know why it's using the Generic HUB and not the USB 3 hub.



      I installed Ubuntu 12.10 which detected and ran at USB 3 (above USB2) speeds no problem (55mb/s)




      TLDR: Windows 7 64bit USB 3 not working, works in Linux.


      Thanks for reading.

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          Can you provide with the USB 3.0 driver versions and the links you have been using.



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            Spectre XT



            File name:










            5.21 MB



            Operating Systems:

            Windows 7 *, Windows Server 2008 R2*


            Download Center



            Thanks for replying. Let me know if you need anything else.

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              Make sure you are using the only blue USB port that is 3.0 in your laptop.

              How are you measuring the speed of the USB? 

              Also send a picture of the blue USB 3.0 port.

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                Spectre XT

                Hello Michael,


                I hope you do not take offence but do you not think I know what my USB port looks like? Especially since I have managed USB3 speeds in Linux. These days ultrabooks all look like macbooks, everything is silver regardless. It's the port I can charge my cellphone in when the laptop is turned off. I don't think I need to take a picture.


                (1 x USB3.0 port - with USB boost: charge devices while your Ultrabook is on, off,

                sleep or hibernating)

                I measured the speed by how fast I could copy a 4gig ISO.

                Can you please give me something advanced to do? A way to clear out all usb drivers and usb devices from Windows and start fresh, USB Debugging, rollback to a previous driver, software to collect data from my machine?


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                  I did not mean to offend you but normally the USB 3.0 port is the blue port and from the device manager picture you sent, it is connected to USB 2.0 port. I was just making sure...


                  Now for further troubleshooting, check if there is a setting in BIOS to enable the USB 3.0 or if the USB 3.0 was disabled.


                  Also what is the exactly USB 3.0 drive mode?

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                    Spectre XT

                    Hi Michael,


                    I understand that a lot of people make these common mistakes. I was hoping by the length of my post that we could skip these basic diagnostics and get into the real meat and bones of solving the issue. That being said I do suppose it helps others who might follow this thread to do some basic checks before making a post.


                    The BIOS on the SpectreXT is locked down, there's no way to disable USB3 ports or anything like that.


                    As I stated before I have achieved USB3 speeds in Ubuntu 12.10. The drive as shown in the pic is a WD Mybook 1140 USB device.


                    Is there anyway of escalating this issue?



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                      I recommend to uninstall Intel USB 3 driver (hub driver first, then controller driver) and check with HP for BIOS update, also install the driver using setup.exe and don’t use the have disk option.