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    DZ775SL-50K does not even display Intel Logo after disabling Legacy Boot

    Ead Ward



      My DZ775SL-50K had been running Windows 8 x64 fine until I disabled its Legacy Boot in the BIOS settings in order to boot the Windows 8 installation DVD in UEFI mode. After the change was made to the settings, powering up the PC does not even display the Intel logo. I called my local Intel tech support and was advised to unplug the power cable and CMOS and to power the PC after 15 minutes and to try powering up with minimum hardware settings (1 system RAM with no permanent storage attached to the mobo). I have followed the advice to the word but had no luck - the monitors still show nothing which would display the Intel logo in a few seconds otherwise.


      Now I'm in the middle of nowhere. Please anyone teach me to enable the Legacy Boot without having to boot the BIOS.


      Looking forward to replies.


      Thank you for your time reading this.