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    DH67GD: Chipset USB 2.0 will not work any more:-(




      i am using a DH67GD B3 Stepping Board since 06/2011 in one configuration as my desktop home pc.


      I changes nothing!


      BIOS is 0160.


      Today, all USB 2.0 Port stopped working, only the Renesas USB 3.0 Ports are working.


      I tried: Loading Setup Default, Replace the battery, a new battery, i opend the case to check the cables, but i can not find anything.


      A few weeks ago i had have the problem, that my ODD was missing after cold-start. I changed the SATA-Cable and it works again. It is plugged into the SATA_3 (SATA300 Port).


      Could it be, that the H67 Chipset is faulty?


      BR Maeckes