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    AMT7 setup via IntelSCS

    Mike Mixer
      Can anyone confirm, the Intel AMT 7 on a (dell optiplex 990) I have setup the system with intelscs but cannot turn off the user consent.

      Finding out the machine that have been purchased in Dubai had VPro was a great "safety net" have had to send one back due to local tamping and setting a per boot password that not even Dell could reset for me.

      I am biased in the UK and would like to get into the bios of the three system and set a bios password, the replacement to the tampered one will also require our standard build applying.

      When ever I turn on remote KVM i cannot turn off user consent, the type of work I wish to do on these systems I do not want the end user there watching so no one would be there to give me the pin sprite

      I have been able to turn off user consent in previous versions ( I did have to setup VPro directly ) rather then the SCS tool

      I have seen that I might now need to generate Certs to allow Admin Client access as the system currently reports standard client


      How do I fix this ?

      Is the user consent option still only accessible first time to turn on from the local machine at boot up  ?

      Or do I need to get a trusted cert