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    DZ77RE-75K Win8 Image Recovery Fails - UEFI Vs. BIOS Issue


      Greetings. Could anyone provide some insight with regards to the following scenario?


      1) Install Win8 Pro OEM.

      2) Create a System Image from the Win8 "Windows 7 File Recovery" Utility.

      3) Boot from the Win8 CD and attempt to Re-Image the HDD to test that the recovery process works.

      4) Windows reports that the restore failed because Windows says the image was created with a PC using UEFI and the PC it's trying re-image from is using BIOS.


      Apparently, Windows can be installed and boot as UEFI, but the recovery utility thinks the DZ77RE-75K is a BIOS only motherboard. Both UEFI and Legacy BIOS Boot are both checked in BIOS.


      To test the theory, I successfully restored the image using a Zotac AD02 Z-Box Mini-PC that has UEFI Bios. I then successfully booted the re-imaged drive in the PC with the DZ77RE-75K.


      I would really like to have a less convoluted recovery process...


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Yes, I'm replying to my own post. Problem solved:


          1) The original install of Win8 was done from a DVD Drive on one of the Intel 6Gbs SATA Ports.

          2) Subsequently, the DVD Drive was relocated to one of the Marvell 6Gbs SATA Ports.

          3) BIOS will only show NON-UEFI Boot Options when the DVD Drive is connected to the Marvell SATA Port.

          4) Relocate DVD Drive to Intel SATA Port.

          5) BIOS now shows UEFI Boot Options for the DVD Drive.

          6) Attempt to Re-Image HDD.

          7) Works as expected.


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