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    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD


      I have an Acer laptop with the P6000 processor and GMA.  I have a ceiling mounted projector in our conference room, and I have a wireless video device which connects to a USB port on the laptop; this links to the receiver that is attached to the projector.  The Warpia tech support people tell me that I need to disable hardware acceleration on the Intel graphics adapter, since I can't view web content without major delays through the projector - the laptop can get two or three screens ahead before the wireless link catches up.  The problem is that there is no place to disable/enable hardware acceleration via the Intel tray icon.  The driver version on the laptop is  I even tried using a generic VGA driver, but the wireless software does not work with it.  Is there any way to disable hardware acceleration?


      Thank you.

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          The Intel(R) video driver takes control of the hardware acceleration and manages it on its own with no option to adjust it through the Graphics user interface. Furthermore the hardware acceleration option that is provided through the graphics properties of the operating system (available depending on the operating system), is grayed out when the video driver is installed, for the same reason, because the Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator driver takes full control of it.


          The only option to manually adjust this would be by using the computer with no video driver installed.

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            This is rather dictatorial, in that it gives the end user no control over the use of the hardware.  In our case, having the projector mounted on the ceiling is convenient, as is the wireless link adapter.  It would be nice to have some adjustment of acceleration feature available, as it makes staff training sessions very frustrating; I am 2 or 3 screens ahead on the laptop versus what they are seeing on the projection screen.  Of course, the adapter I am using is a USB device, so I may have to take up this issue with that vendor.

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              As a side note, their original recommendation was to disable hardware acceleration.  In this instance, is there a compatible driver I can use with the GMA?  I don't mind having to set up 2 hardware profiles.

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                In this case the only two possible options are either using the driver and have the driver to take full control over the hardware acceleration or do not use the driver and use the generic one that the operating system provides and manually set the hardware acceleration through the options that the operating system provides.

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                  I have Intel G31/G33 graphic card. Now when I start a game I get a note that graphic acceleration is disabled.I used to play all the games before but now I cannot. All my drivers are updated. In direct X diagnostics its says that Direct3D: disabled.

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                    Jestin, I suggest that you check the article related to that issue, this is posted here: