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    Gateway NV58 was Vista, then Win7, now Win8


      This Gateway I bought in 2010 came with the Vista OS and a free upgrade to Win7. So I thought that meant it could take an upgrade to Win8 this year.

      I found out the hard way that it couldn't.

      My specs (from my own observation, and Speccy):

      -Intel Centrino, Core 2 Duo processor T6500

      -Win8 64 bit

      -4 GB DDR

      -4 Series Express chipset

      -1366 x 768 display

      -313 GB Hitachi SATA.


      So, I want to make Minecraft and SecondLife work on here, and they currently don't.

      Gateway says they will not be updating any drivers for this equipment. And I should look for a solution from 3rd-Party vendors.

      Any ideas are appreciated.

      Let this be a great example of the need to do some research before buying an upgrade.

      It could be that my purpose in life is to serve as a warning for others._,