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    Software Managed Coherence for SCC Release


      The Single Chip Cloud Computer s a 48-core   concept vehicle created by Intel Labs and used by  hundreds of researchers   worldwide for many-core software innovation.  Software Managed Coherence (SMC)   for SCC provides a shared virtual  memory space for processor cores in the   SCC. The SMC research software  explores solutions to several many-core   challenges. First, it is  becoming more difficult to design and verify   efficient hardware memory  coherence for many-core processors as core counts scale to 10s-100s fo cores.  Also, when multiple applications run on a single   many-core chip it  may require coherence support on the cores they are running   on, but  likely not between the applications. SMC enables dynamically    reconfigurable coherence domains which is difficult to support with a    hardware-only implementation. Lastly, hardware coherence is complex for    heterogeneous platforms like combined CPU-GPU systems. Software  Managed   Coherence could make better use of silicon, efficiently  support emerging   applications, dynamically reconfigure coherence  domain, and most importantly,   still be able to provide performance  comparable to hardware coherence.


      The software is available as an anonymous export from the SCC public SVN.

      svn export http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/tags/SMC_V1.0/



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