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        What do you mean it does not work, you seem to have the Audio profiles enabled and working...


        1) Do you see the Bluetooth icon in the task tray(bottom right of the screen)?

        2)  If yes, then right click on it and select add device and see of you do a scan for Bluetooth devices

        3) If 1 and 2 are success, but other devices cannot find your laptop, right click on the Bluetooth icon and select "Open Settings" and check options like below and try from the other bluetooth device againCapture.JPG

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          I have a Vizio Notebook with the "Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235" and I'm running a fresh install of Windows 8. I've installed both the Intel PROSet Wireless 15.5.6 drivers and the PROset Bluetooth software too.


          The WiFi part is working perfectly, however Windows 8 has the Bluetooth "on/off" switch faded out. I can't toggle it on or off. The device manager lists a "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" under the "Other devices" category.


          The specifications list "Bluetooth 4.0." I'm hoping someone has a solution to get this working.

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            Muthu Kumar



            First uninstall the Bluetooth drivers and reboot. Check if BT is working or not. Windows 8 has built-in support for BT and the native stack should come up successfully on reboot.


            Once confirmed, install the latest 2.6 version from the link below and reboot (just in case).




            Confirm if the above helps or not



            Disclaimer: Not speaking for Intel

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              There is only one problem with this.  While Windows 8 does have native support for BT, Intel's 2.6 BT driver does not have the audio part of the software enabled.  So, you can transfer files, sync PIM, connect to a phone's Internet connection, etc. but no audio gateway is working.  While the service exists, the software tab to use it is gone.  This must be why the earlier versions of Intel's drivers are not compatible with Windows 8.  So, instead of fixing this incompatibility issue, they just disabled the offending portion.  I can understand doing this initially, but a few months have gone by, and no upgrade has been forthcoming as yet.

                   So, for us Windows 8 users we are still in limbo with our 6235's which kind of defeats the original reason I got this card in the first place.

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                Muthu Kumar

                Audio profiles (A2DP, HFP)  are part of the native stack on Win8.


                Intel BT stack (2.6) is required to enable Bluetooth Low energy (stack support is provided by MS), Bluetooth high speed and profiles like FTP, BIP, BPP etc.


                You do not need to install Intel BT drivers if you primarily use A2DP, HFP and regular Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.




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                  @Murthu Kumar

                  Thanks for the suggestion. I had decided to just clean install my entire OS. After booting into a fresh install of Windows 8, the Bluetooth settings didn't appear in the Metro interface.


                  However after installing the the PROSet/Wireless Bluetooth Software followed by the dedicated Intel Bluetooth Software, it worked like a charm. I can now turn on/off Bluetooth in the Windows 8 modern UI interface.


                  I even went ahead and installed the Wireless Display software after installing the other two items. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm hoping it works.


                  @Chris Heery

                  Not sure if I completely understood what you mean by "audio gateway," but I can confirm that I was able to pair a Bluetooth headset to this Windows 8 x 64 machine with the 6235 card and use it for a Skype call with no issues.

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                        As I do not have a BT headset, I cannot comment on their connectivity, but my Droid 3 phone which when connected under Vista or even XP in VirtualBox allows an Audio Gateway such that the sound from the phone is played through my laptop (i.e. music is heard there instead of on the phone's own speakers).  Under Windows 8, the drivers exist, but the required software tab on the Intel BT software is gone.  A BT Headset may work out of the box in a sense because that is it's primary purpose, but for a Smartphone's BT connection with a PC using the 6235, there must be software handlers to control & access the required BT services.  In other words, there is no way to tell my Droid 3 while pairing to send it's audio to the PC or to transfer calls to the PC.

                        I am glad to hear that your BT headset works, since I plan to get one in the near future.

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                      Muthu Kumar

                      @Chris Heery


                      You are referring to A2DP sink profile which is not supported by MS native stack. Intel stack also doesn't support this role on Win8. MS natively supports A2DP SRC role which allows streaming of audio to headsets, speakers and any devices that supports A2DP SNK role.


                      On Win7, Intel stack supports both roles.



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                        @Muthu Kumar

                            Then the question is why doesn't the native Win8 BT stack nor the Intel stack support the A2DP SNK profile.  It seems unusual that something supported from WinXP era through Win7 would become unsupported w/o a particular good reason.  I assume there is a technical reason that this wasn't working, but neither Microsoft nor Intel have stated this directly.  This is part of how BT works and to not support it makes zero sense.  Now, I fully expect either Microsoft or Intel to find a solution eventually, but they could at least be more honest and just admit it doesn't work for whatever reason and that they will do their utmost to make it work in the future.  That is how companies should operate instead of leaving their loyal customers in limbo.

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                          Muthu Kumar

                          I believe you should be able to provide feedback to MS through their support forums. Typically devices with content (music files) and large storage support only streaming to other devices. That's the widely used use case, IMHO.




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                            I have a Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook, NP530U4C-A01UK, and had the same issue with Bluetooth that many users have mentioned. It came with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Bluetooth card.

                            Bluetooth worked out of the box but I did a reinstall of Windows 7, and dual boot with Ubuntu. It seemed not to work at all on Windows 7 but worked fine on Ubuntu.

                            • I managed to find Bluetooth Settings through Control Panel, but couldn't save settings as it said Bluetooth device is unplugged.
                            • I tried to enable Bluetooth icon in the system tray by setting it to "Show Icon and notifications", but it kept saying that device did not exist.
                            • The only bluetooth reference I could see when typing "bluetooth" into the Windows/Start run window, was "Bluetooth File Transfer". That didn't work as it said adapter must be turned off.
                            • The adapter was not visible in Device Manager, however as someone else also found, it showed up when "Show Hidden Devices" was checked.
                            • I checked services and there were 4 different bluetooth services configured to autostart and were all started.
                            • I reinstalled, uninstalled, etc... all the Bluetooth drivers I could find, both from the Samsung Drivers link and from the Intel website. Uninstalling one of the Bluetooth programs from Control Panel was not possible as it said that there was a problem installing that driver and that I should first fix the installation. Someone else mentioned this exact issue too.

                            Nothing worked, until I saw a reference to the Samsung Easy Settings. I had a problem installing that program because I already had the Easy Display Manager installed (I needed that program to use the Samsung special keys for volume, display brightness, etc...), and at the time of the fresh reinstall didn't want to be bogged down with Samsung's proprietary SW, such as Easy Settings.

                            Interestingly enough, as soon as I uninstalled Easy Display Manager, the Bluetooth service showed in the system tray on restart! I decided to test the theory and reinstalled Easy Dispaly Manager and sure enough, Bluetooth stopped working.

                            There are basically 2 options on this laptop, either don't use the function key shortcuts on the keyboard at all or install Easy Settings to manage them. I chose to install Easy Settings from Samsung after all, instead of the standalone Easy Display Manager. I don't know why that program interferes with Bluetooth, but that "workearound" worked for me. Hope this helps someone else, as I stumbled on this totally by accident.

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                              sadly i dont have an easy display manager thing. i got this card on ebay with a mini-pci to pci adapter (wanted a good card with bt4 on it) and i have the same issue here.

                              no oem stuff to help me.

                              please intel make it simpler to make bt4 work!!!

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                                Hi Marcos,


                                I registered just to help you (and others) which have issues making the BT portion of 6235 adapter to work, when using a MiniPCIE-to-PCIE adapter. I too have the same setup and was able to make it work.


                                Here's the trick: it appears that the BT part of this adapter requires an USB connection to the motherboard, just the PCI-E interface is not enough. So if you don't have an adapter which provides PCI-E *and* USB connections, you will be out of luck. In my case, I was lucky enough to have purchased an adapter which has both, and it works like a charm after I figured out that the USB connection was needed as well. Here's the page that helped me figure this out: www.hwtools.net/adapter/MP2W_6235.html


                                After I connected the USB cable which came with that card to an USB port, the BT device showed up right away as a PnP device in Windows - listed as "Generic Bluetooth Adapter". It did not work too well until I installed the "Intel® PROSet/Wireless Bluetooth Software for Windows 7", version 2.6.1211. After I did that, the device description changed to "Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) 4.0 + High Speed Adapter" and everything started to work well. Hope this helps...

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                                  Thanks for your reply. Please let me know what exactly I need to buy in addition to my Intel® Centrino®Advanced-N 6235 card, which I already have, so I could connect it to USB and make Bluetooth work. I have a Sony Vaio laptop. Many thanks in advance.

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                                    I have to say, this really annoyed me. Intel was downright hostile to the idea of even trying to help - claiming its illegal and bla bla bla (I remind them I am in Canada and still FCC this, FCC that)


                                    End of rant, sorry about that


                                    Really disappointed I cannot get this card to work with Bluetooth. I had it working great for the first three days, then after a reboot (not the first since) it came grinding to a halt. I even re installed windows to no avail (now I gotta reload all my applications, terrific).


                                    So I now doubt it will ever work. I was wondering, does anyone know of an alternative card with similar specs? Perhaps one from Broadcom? My computer manufacturer is Lenovo by the way, I noticed a lot of people have Samsung and HP, but this proves it is a more widespread issue.