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        I'm running 64 bit and no cames work for me.  They all do the same thing.  Freeze up my computer, and now I noticed random crashs to desktop.  It first started while I was watching a video on youtube.  Then as of yesterday it happened while I was on a regular site.

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          Romeo Calota

          I'm using Windows 7 64bit.


          Unigen Heaven is just a demo of the Unigen 3D game engine. With Unigen, same as with the other games, my computer instantly freezes when the loading screen appears, and I am able to recover only after a hard reset of the PC.

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            Hi all,


            I had the same problem. I just bought the following config;

            Intel i7-3770k , intel heatsink and fan

            ASRock z77 extreme4

            2 x 8GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical

            and 2 Intel 180GB series 330 SSDs in Raid 0.

            Win 8 pro

            Nothing overclocked or tweaked.


            I first noticed that launching Left 4 Dead 2 and playing for a few seconds causes my computer to freeze to the point the hard reset button wouldn't reset it. I had to power off and on.

            Then I noticed that it also consistently happens when running the Windows performance assessment tool during the DirectX 9 load texture assessment. I also tried PC Wizard and it would again crash and freeze during DirectX tests. In all cases hard reset would not work. Only power off (by holding the power button 5 seconds) and then power on.


            I looked at BIOS settings and noticed that some cpu/motherboard voltages were not set to auto (unfortunately I don't remember the exact fields) so I set everything to auto. Now it's very stable again, no crashes.

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              Thanks for the info everyone, and thanks for the info on the Unigen Heaven Romeo.  Was this game/app also experiencing the problem as far back as 2761?  Or did it work with 2761 and broke afterwards?




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                Romeo Calota



                My configuration is also new. My motherboard is an Asus P8Z77-V LX. I tried every configuration possible thinking it was a UEFI/BIOS problem. Unfortunately after going through a bunch of combinations the computer still locked up after going full screen in a game.

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                  Romeo Calota

                  Hello Nic,


                  I don't remember trying Unigen on 2761, but since all the games I've tried locked up I don't see why Unigen wouldn't .


                  Thanks for the great support, keeping my fingers crossed that the issue can be solved in the next update.


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                    I have the same problem.  The lock-up occurs  when playing most 3D games.


                    My system:

                    Win7 64 and Win 8 64

                    Shuttle SZ68R5 with latest BIOS 2.03

                    I7 3770

                    Trenscand DDR3 1333 8Gx4

                    Integrated HD 4000


                    Different driver versions are tested including the latest version, the lock-up always happens in few minutes after launching any 3D game either in window mode or full-screen mode.


                    However, the issue seems to go away if only one memory module is installed (game runs for hours).

                    On the contrary, It is much easier to trigger the lock-up with 4 dimm slots populated (game and system freeze in few minutes).


                    All the memory modules pass the Mem86+ test and OCCT linpack (90% mem usage) test.

                    So it is not a faulty memory problem.

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                      Hi everyone.  I wanted to provide an update on the status of your issues;


                      So far the following games/apps have been tested; Dishonored, Diablo 3, Rift, SWTOR and Unigen Software.  They were tested using the hardware/software specifications provided by the users, and using all available drivers for the past 4 revisions.  Unfortunately, they were unable to reproduce the issues you guys are seeing.  We haven't given up on helping you out though so we've got some more things to try!


                      @Romeo:  You stated you are using an Asus P8Z77-V LX.  Can you try updating your BIOS using the latest update from ASUS?  Here's a link; ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P8Z77-V LX


                      @Sheng:  The work-around you are using sounds an awful lot like the issue we had several months ago with Memory Reference Codes.  (See here: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker


                      @fantassin:  Try updating your BIOS to the latest version (2.40) from here; http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z77%20Extreme4/?cat=Download&os=BIOS


                      @everyone else:  We want to make sure everyone has updated their BIOS to see if it has any impact on the issue you are experiencing; mostly because the folks we had testing out these games had the latest BIOS versions for their respective systems; and did not experience the same issues.


                      Let me know what results you get.  Thank you,


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                        Romeo Calota

                        Hello Nic,


                        I've done some further testing after updating the UEFI. Now WoW, Syndicate, Guild Wars 2 run in full screen just fine. On the other hand The Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3 do not run in full screen, only in windowed mode. Battlefield 3 has some weird square shaped artifacts sometimes on the top of the screen in windowed mode.


                        Hope this helps and if you need any further info let me know,


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                          Chris Hughes

                          Hi guys,


                          I thought I'd jump on this thread as I am having similar problems too.


                          My games on fullscreen freeze and the computer becomes unresponsive. If games are windowed then I see the notification after black screen that the intel graphics driver has failed and recovered.


                          i5 3570k OCed to 4.6Ghz

                          Intel Drivers:

                          Asus Maximus V Formula (bios: 1309)

                          2x4GB 1600 Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9

                          Windows 7 64bit

                          I have tried some solutions I've come across. Bios and driver updates to both mobo chipset and intel graphics. Removing one stick of ram, which did give me extra play time but the games still eventually froze. Trying different dimm slots. Taking the overclock off and returning to stock speeds. No joy with these fixes.

                          I'm getting a gtx 680 in a few weeks but it would be nice to use the system which I invested my hard earned money in.


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                            , Hi (and sorry my poor English).

                            For example, I already have gtx 690.  But I want to be able to use Intel QuickSinc and nVidia CUVID in various applications, and be able to switch between GPUs via Lucid Virtu MVP software.


                            Yes, I can use gtx 690 for gaming and for all other purposes, but some times QuickSinc is better for video encoding/decoding, as well as I just want to save some power draw - and money on bills - when it is not needed (including some games).


                            For such posibilities I need to have Intel HD driver properly working too.


                            PS many games freezes on my hd4000 with any drivers past v.2761. (3770k, MVG/1309, W7Ux64, 16Gb = 4x4)

                            Waiting for a new driver (or, may be, any registry tweaks and tricks).....

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                              I've got the same problem.

                              New build

                              I5 3570k

                              ASUS P8Z77-V LX

                              2x4GB 1600

                              PSU Corsair 600W

                              win 7 64


                              I've updated Bios and all drivers and all games are freezing when using Intel HD Graphics 4000.

                              Also tested with external graphic card and it works like a charm.


                              Any updates on that.


                              Waiting for response

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                                Chris Hughes

                                Hi guys.


                                Asus have released an updated bios for the maximus V formula (v.1408). I will report back to let you know if this has fixed my problem.


                                Update: I've managed to play for half an hour without any crashes, a damn sight better than crashing within five minutes. The updated bios seems to have done the trick. I'll have a more extended test of it when I get home from work tonight.


                                Update again. I've been playing for a solid couple of hours now without any crashes. I've also been able to run benchmarks that were previously failing. The problem has definitely been fixed with the most recent bios update in my case.

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                                  Yes, flashing 1408 bios for Maximus V Gene fixes my problem too.

                                  • 29. Re: Intel HD 4000 freezes my computer
                                    Chris Hughes

                                    Glad to hear it gregj

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