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    Setting Rapid Storage Cache size


      HI I have a 30GB SSD with intel rapid start and rapid storage on it. Rapid start requires an 8GB hibernation partition but the rest 22GB i want to be available as a cache volume for rapid storage. however i cant seem to be able to set up my volumes like that, i can either have the full 32GB as a cache volume or i choose the other option of 18.6GB as cache memory which then leaves me with around 3.4GB of wasted memory. How do i set my cache volume to a specified size?

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          18.6GB or the full size of the SSD; are the only two possible options available for Intel® Smart Response technology. In this case you will need to decide which of the configurations you would like to use from these two.

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            Hi thanks, i actually managed to update the application and it now allows you a custom size which automatically allocates the full free capacity on the SSD and not wipe out any partitions already installed on the ssd

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              My system default configuration is 22G for Device Cache and 8G(exactly 8192M) for Data Volume used for FFS.

              I have accidentally tampered the partition of the 8G data volume so I reset and re-accelerate again.



              I cannot only input 21.9(up to 1 decimal point in the input box of cache setup)


              How to input exactly the size for the cache volume and leave exactly 8192M for data volume like default? How did the manufacturer default do that?

              Many thanks.

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                You may need to check on such configuration directly with your computer manufacturer as this may not be specified through Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology.

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                  Thanks for your reply.

                  I have figured the setup problem.


                  One more thing to request, will the future update of Intel Rapid Storage Technology GUI update with accurate size input? Since my harddisk remaining space is 21.69, I would like to use all of it for caching but I can only input 21.6G and the remaining would be wasted. If the input box allow for one more decimal point or let user to input exact M size like 22340, it would be great for maximize the usage of the space and improve User Experience.

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                    We will make sure your comment reaches the proper department for future consideration.

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                      Thanks Diego_Intel for treasuring our opinion.


                      I would like to give some more details for the previous message and hope that it could serve the purpose well.


                      Because my computer is pre-installed Intel Rapid Start Technology as well. After resolving the "not enabled" problem. Here is how I meet and solve the problem.


                      In Intel Rapid Start Technology document rapid_start_technology_user_guide_for_uefi1.pdf

                      My hibernation drive is "... larger than the amount of memory installed on the system. As an example, for 4 GB of system memory, the value should be 4096 or higher"


                      My system have 8192M(8G) Ram so I format the drive with exactly 8G and the rest left for Smart Response (Intel Rapid Storage Technology)


                      My SSD full size is 30G, after reserving the 8G, there is around 21.69G something.

                      In Intel Rapid Storage Technology Manager GUI, I have to input the custom size since 8G is silently reserved for IRStartT. In this step, if we, the user, could have an option "use all the remaining space/input exact size" for IRStorageT is great.


                      So, in short, IRStartT is closely related to IRStorageT, if the interface or setting could make like this will make our life easier.


                      That's how I meet and solve the problem. Many thanks.