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    VLAN strip - monitor mode - revisited... on windows 7 and I340-T4




      Wireshark does not display VLAN tags on my Windows 7 - 64 bit Dell box with a I340-T4 NIC running drivers.
      I have added "MonitorMode" = "2" to the registry and rebooted. But vlan tags still do not show up in wireshark.

      On the same box I have a loaner Broadcom NIC with "PreserveVlanInfoInRxPacket" = "1" in registry, on this one it works!


      I span one source port (trunk) on a Cisco switch to both (destination ports) the intel and the broadcom NIC so i'am 100% sure input is correct.


      Have anyone got "MonitorMode" working on Winodws7 / I340-T4?