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    DZ77GA-70K bricked after disabling legacy boot (OO57 BIOS)


      I just bricked my DZ77GA-70K after the setting some option in my brand new 0057 BIOS...


      I'm usually booting using UEFI to Windows 8 system with success, previously with the 0053 BIOS.


      After upgrade to the 0057 BIOS I noticed the Legacy Boot checked along with the UEFI boot checked. I decided to disable legacy boot and remove the USB and optical boot to reduce my boot time. I didn't touch to the new secure boot feature.

      On reboot, no video output and two beeps :'(


      I tried all the recovery methods: Back2BIOS button, configuration mode jumper (2-3), recovery mode jumper (no jumper at all), and removing the battery to clear CMOS all the night without AC cable. All attempts were unsuccessful.


      My attached devices :

      USB stick FAT 32 formatted (my usual BIOS upgrade stick) with only the brand new 0058 .BIO file on it, on the first yellow USB port, no other USB device attached (no mouse, no keyboard)

      One DDR3-RAM stick (i switch between 4 ones to be sure one is not causing problems)


      My steps with BIOS recovery mode (jumper removed) :

      1. power on

      2. status 31 : my usb stick is flashing

      3. one beep

      4. status 92 : two beeps, twice

      5. status EA -> 77 -> 40 -> 42 -> 44 -> 48 -> 4A -> 4B -> FE (???), seems the last status (I waited 5 minutes)

      6. reset button

      7. status 15 -> 14 : three beeps, looping

      8. reset button

      9. status 15 -> 14 : three beeps, looping

      And of course absolutely no video output...


      I tried Intel Support by chat and the guy suggested me returning the MB to the reseller under warranty.

      You really think that could happen only with setting a bad option in the BIOS ?

      But... aren't all these recovery methods supposed to repair that ?

      What there purpose if they all failed at restoring this setting ?


      I switched from ASUS motherboards to Intel because I wanted serious work on hardware and BIOS level, and I'm really disappointed...


      If you can help me, guys, I'll be very glad.



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          Turn off your computer, put the BIOS configuration jumper in configuration mode (2-3 position)


          Normal is (1-2) which is the position the jumper should be at now.


          Reboot the computer, enter BIOS and turn off UEFI boot and re-enable legacy boot.


          Save options and the computer should automatically ask you to shut it down.


          Once shutdown, put the jumper back in the normal position on the motherboard and start the computer again.


          Edit: Sorry I didn't realise that you had tried all the jumper positions and configurations. I made a rather hasty reply without reading your post fully.


          What I can also add is that I had the same issue that you experienced, (two beeps - no video detected) when I disabled legacy boot and enabled UEFI after installing 0057, however I was able to fix the issue and re-enable legacy boot by setting the jumper in the configuration position.

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            No video output, whatever the jumper mode. I tried your method, and still no video output, three beeps and still 14 status code.

            Three beeps means memory problem, but I tried to swap ALL my four sticks and still three beeps...


            I think this motherboard will be nice in pieces on my wall...

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              Well according to the Intel status code handout, a status code of 14 is LAN init.


              It seems to be stuck at that code. This is also before it even gets to the memory detection point - maybe that's why it is beeping the memory error code?


              Try disconnecting everything from the PC except for the bare essentials.


              Just have the keyboard connected via USB and nothing else (remove the USB with the bios update on it and unplug your LAN cable) and try to boot with the jumper in configuration mode.

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                Thank for your reply, manuelh.


                I'll buy some HDMI-DVI adapter tomorrow, and I'll remove my video card to see if I'll be lucky with the IGP display.

                One more night without AC and battery, and perhaps...


                I'll keep you in touch.

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                  I bought an DVI-HDMI adapter, removed my Radeon HD 6970, removed every SATA device, and whatever the number of RAM sticks installed (even zero), whatever jumper mode, I got three beeps each power on.

                  I really doubt my RAM is dead.

                  I don't understand why yesterday I was able to have a single beep then two beeps, and today why I got three beeps each time.

                  I don't know what to do more. The only thing I didn't removed is the CPU.

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                    Put the ram back in, the way you had it before when everything worked. Unplug all USB except keyboard/mouse, hit the back to BIOS bottom (should light up red) power on, it should let you into the bios. If plug something to the onboard video output, I moved my comp to the TV room  temporarily so I could use HDMI to my television. Make sure the jumper on the mobo is set to normal mode, no USB devices except keyboard and mouse, and push the back to bios botton so it lights up red.

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                      Thanks Shaun for your answer.


                      I plugged again all my devices, except my graphic card and USB devices : only mouse and keyboard. I tried back2bios button (glows red) but it's always the same : status 14, 3 beeps and no display.


                      I read this thread about the same problem :

                      dz77ga-70k code 14 and 3 beep together


                      I think I understood what happens to me :

                      1. after disabling legacy boot, my display goes away (2 beeps)

                      2. i tried to recover my BIOS using the documented procedure, but I surely failed because of no display

                      3. my BIOS got corrupted, maybe by a unfortunate reset button during the automatic procedure (if only a specific beep series noticed me that the procedure was beginning...)

                      4. my BIOS died, status 14 and 3 beeps forever


                      If only I tried other ways of recover before BIOS automatic recovery...

                      Take care of your hardware, guys, if you got similar problems.


                      I think warranty is the only way of rescue now.

                      My motorbike and my car got problems too since this weekend... Bad luck :'(

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                        Tadashi Dalba

                        maybe you can reprogram the bios ic. 

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                          Tadashi Dalba

                          you can extract the bios chip from its socket and reprogram it.

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                            I don't have the stuff to reprogram it ;'(


                            I'm still waiting for RMA from Intel. One week since I sent my email with all details and no response from them.

                            I'm getting nervous because this computer is essential for my homeworks (web/mobile development) and my 13" laptop is clearly too small for that.

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                              Some news if someone got the same problem:


                              Intel actually refused to change my motherboard because I didn't cross-test the motherboard with another CPU, or cross-test my CPU with another motherboard.

                              I'm absolutely shocked of this. They respond to my first email THREE weeks in late. And never respond (yet) to my second one.


                              What kind of service Intel have in Europe for such absolutely no understanding of customers problems ?


                              I'm busy with far more important problems, and so I don't have time to call them to complain.

                              One thing I know today: it's the first time I bought an Intel board, and it will be the last.

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                                Confirmed: Exactly the same problem with a DH61BE, 2 x 2 beeps, no video, no boot, no recovery, nothing at all after disabling legacy boot.


                                Seems like a huge bug?

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                                  I just came here to say that I also have the same issue with my DZ77RE-75K both on BIOS 0063 and 0064.


                                  Very, very disappointing. I too switched from ASUS and have actually just switched back.


                                  My shiny new Intel motherboard sits in its box. Unable to be RMA'd, since there's no actual hardware fault, unable to be sold, since I don't want people claiming I sold them a dodgy board, and unable to be used - unless I operate it gimped via running onboard GPU...


                                  There is a big thread here on the issue too:


                                  DZ77GA-70K 0057 BIOS

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                                    Hello. I have the same problem with the motherboard Intel DH87RL. After burning a new BIOS is dark and repeat the 3 beeps again. Winbond SPI Flash 25Q64 was removed from the motherboard. I have a SPI flash programmer and software SPIPGM for Linux. Memory is correctly detected and I can read, save, erase and check. The only thing I miss is the BIOS. Files that can be downloaded from Intel are not images of memory. It is a proprietary format. The memory size is 8MB (8388607Byte) and downloads with the extension BIO have almost 10 megabytes You do not know how to extract the file from the pure binary fingerprint BIOS? I do not suppose Intel provided BIOS in pure binary format.

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