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    Does DZ77BH-55K offer RAID with onboard Marvell 88SE9172


      No problems creating RAID volumes with the on-board Intel Controller provided on the DZ77BH-55K.  However, this only allows for 2x6Gbs ports.  I'd like to configure a RAID 1 with the on-board Marvell 88SE9172 (grey SATA ports) and use the on-board Intel controller (blue SATA ports) to enable Smart Response Technology with an SSD.  Have searched endlessly for documentation on the chipset, not much documented.  Naturally, would have preferred all four 6Gbs ports were accessible to the Intel controller like to take advantage of all four 6Gbs ports with RAID1 and RST.  The driver is loaded in the OS as 'Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller'.  The Intel documentation makes no reference to RAID capabilities with the supplied Marvell chip.  When searching the net, others mention the capability of the 88SE9172 having RAID 0/1.  I could find no mention of the chipset on the Marvell website.  Any ideas?  Does the Marvell chipset actually offer RAID?  No options during the boot sequence to enter the Marvell BIOS (e.g. with Ctrl-M) or change setting from AHCI to RAID in Intel BIOS.

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          The DZ68BC has also a Marvell SATA controller. It is possible on that mobo to enable it in the BIOS and then to enter the BIOS screen of the Marvell RAID.


          I was not very impressed with the software\drivers of Marvell and I am only using the Intel controller (2 harddisks are in RAID attachted to the 3G ports, SDD to the 6G port).


          The download page of your DZ77BH-55K shows an updated driver for your Marvell controller from 2012-5-23 which is the same driver as for the DZ68BC and it should support RAID. The link to the marvell pdf is however very old (document from 2006).

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            Make sure you have 2 Hard Drives (preferrably identical) to the Marvell controller and on boot-up, Hold down CONTROL and press "M". See if you get anything. Please reply either way!

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              I have the same problem mentioned by z77_user.

              I unable to setup Raid on internal Marvell controller in the DZ77BH-55K motherboard.

              I connected two Seagate HDDs (1TB, Sata3) to the appropriate SATA connectors on my motherboard but I cannot define the Secondary SATA Mode to the "Raid" value in the Intel BIOS - it always show the <AHCI> value for the Secondary SATA Mode field in BIOS. And this value cannot be changed.

              I also cannot invoke the Marvel Raid BIOS during POST using the Ctrl+M keys.

              The current BIOS version of the motherboard is 0091 (I updated the BIOS to the version 0091 from version 0057).

              Has anyone solved this problem?

              Please help !