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    Multiple Raid Array from one motherboard controller

    Robert Muma

      I want to build a desktop with 8 hard drives. I would like to put 3 pairs (6) of the drives into three Raid One configurations.


      DX79SR Motherboard

      i7 3960 processor

      2 3tb hard drives in Raid One

      2 3tb hard drives in Raid One

      2 1tb hard drives in Raid One (Boot disk + programs)

      2 180gb SSD drives no raid

      Windows 8


      Will the DX79SR Motherboard and Matrix Storage Technology support this?


      Thank you

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          First, you must install all drives for RAID setups into SATA connectors maintained by Intel chipset (blue & black). Gray connectors from Marvell chip cannot be used for Intel RAID. Second, the RST ROM guaranteed support for two arrays. Some peoples setted up third array successfully, some have troubles even with second array, depend of MB/BIOS/driver combination. So such config is not recommended, look to Intel workstation boards or not-Intel board + separate RAID adapter (Intel desktop boards generally do not support add-on RAID cards, even Intel branded ones).

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            Robert Muma

            Thank you for your response.

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              Robert Muma

              Maybe this may be a better approach to get where I want to go. Based on the information (I am thankful) from LFFulcrum I am dead in the water. So here is what I would like to accomplish.


              Please review and critique; but most importantly please help solve the two Array and 10 device issue.


              CPU                      i7 3960

              MOBO                  Intel DX79sr (perfered or Asus P9x79 Deluxe

              Case                     NZXT Phantom w/front fan 140MM

              Cooling                Corsiar H100 w/cougar replacement fans

              Power                  Antec HCP Platimum HCP-1000 ATX12V Crossfire ready

              Video                    XFX Double D FX797GTDFC Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition

              DVD+/-RW          LG 24X Sata DVD+/-RW

              Storage                2) Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB

              4) Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

              2) Intel 520 Series Cherryville SSDSC2CW180A3K5 2.5" 180GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

              Controller            Adaptec 6805

              Memory               (64 Gb) 8) Crucial 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Desktop Memory Model CT102464BA1339


              I am building an extreme Photoshop CS6 PC desktop for my photography. I want to have it last for 4 years and be ready for the Adobe CSx upgrades and Windows 8. No overclocking, no gaming, very little video editing.

              The (4) 3Tb drive will be run in Raid 5 and the (2) 1Tb drives will be run in Raid 1. I want all drives to run with 6Gb through put.

              I have a problem that I can’t overcome in that I am told that the Adaptec controller card won’t run on either motherboard, partly because of uFEI and the X79 chipset.


              My storage idea is:

              • Two 1Tb hd raid 1 for boot and programs
              • One SSD for scrath disk
              • One SSD for Photoshop to backup to and to save to. When the work is done the PSD files will go in to storage.
              • Four 3Tb drives raid 5 = 9Tb of on board storage


              I would like to hear any solution or critique.


              Thank you


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                Hey, fellow photographer, Bob:


                Get three SSDs at 480GB;

                one for boot and program;

                one for your "Photoshop File save";

                one for your "Photoshop scratch drive".

                Keep all three SSDs less than 50% full then you’ll have them last for four years life.


                (TheSSDreview.com site has good write ups and tests on all sorts of SSDs, there is a forum that can assist you, as well.)


                Then run four SATA II HDDs as individual drives, when needed, for storage.  You can fill them close to full (80%).  Keep them turned off when not in use.  You don't need RAID unless you're working with video and haven't organized, indexed and/or tagged your files.  I presume you’re a pro and have everything organized.  Photos are a piece of cake to retrieve from archives, not many seconds are lost.  Keep it simple with less heat generated and your system will last a long time.


                You missed one major necessity, PSU BATTERY BACK UP!


                RE: advice received from others.

                You received advice from Parsec.  He explained correctly regarding the speed of HDDs.  However, the [compressible file] Benchmark tests he posted using AS SSD are not the Benchmark tests needed in your case.  The tests needed are called Copy-Benchmark tests in AS SSD's Tool menu.  That is the test that determines how fast incompressible files will copy to or from the HDD.  The files you work with are incompressible files.

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                  Robert Muma


                  Thanks for the response.

                  I am a photographer with no video, organized & tagged in Lightroom 4.2, retouch in Lightroom and Photoshop cs6,

                  Nik plug-ins. I have PSU and external back-up.


                  My latest thoughts are:


                  i73820 chip

                  AsRock Extreme6 LGA 2011

                  64 Gb Ram

                  480 Gb SSD Boot & programs

                  (2) 240 Gb SSD Scratch and write to

                  (4) 3Tb Seagates

                  (2) DVD I could cut this to one drive

                  Antec 1200W Power


                  I picked this motherboard because it supports 9 SATA devices and none with a Marvell controller.

                  I am told that the Marvell contoller will not support SSD drives.


                  Would you please tell me what motherboard and chip you are using to support your SSD drives.


                  I am hoping to start the build in a few days.





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                    I'm using a SATA II laptop that has an eSATA port.  I have one SSD for OS, programs and important files.  For storage I just swap old SATA HDDs in the external open air eSATA doc for a few minutes.  I do not use Photoshop.  If I did then I would have a PC at home specifically for it without HDDs.  If I were a tennis photographer I would purchase one 500GB SSD per tournament, and then place a custom sticker on it with date, tournament logo and players photographed, considering that I might be downloading thousands upon thousands of photos from twelve hours of courtside Grand Slam action per day.  I would not use RAID because if one HDD dies all the others are useless, which sacrifices the entire library.  I would suggest BluRay for your optic storage, unless you don't mind shelves of DVDs. You might be able to get detailed advice at www.tssdr.com/forum from members.  They even have a photography section.