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    Is there Still No 64-bit Windows 7 Driver for the Cedar Trail N2800 Processor's GMA3650?


      The Cedar Trail N2800 processor was under development since late 2010.  Netbook manufacturers planned to incorporate it in netbooks they demonstrated at Computer Electronics Show in February 2011.  Problems in validation testing with the Cedar Trail and Windows 7 delayed the release of computers containing it until early 2012.  When _Trail5CEch computers with the Cedar Trail did come out they were restricted to 32-bit operating systems, as Intel decided to focus on drivers for Windows 8, even though new versions of Windows operating systems are notorious for bumpy introductions and there are millions of Windows 7 x64 users globally.


      Linux uswers have posted 131 messages on their thread related to the lack of a 64-bit Linux driver, GMA 3650 aka. PowerVR sgx545 and Linux .


      Is there still no 64-bit Windows 7 driver for the Cedar Trail N2800 processor's GMA 3650 (Imagination Technologies' PowerVR SGX545)?


      If not, will the 64-bit Windows 8 driver, when released, also work with Windows 7?


      Instead of being a cutting edge achievement in the low level computer market, the sloppy partial introduction of the Cedar Trail processor tarnished the names of Intel, Imagination Technologies and the computer manufacturers who depended on its delivery.  It has caused the netbook market to sink and computer manufacturers to move to new designs and other processors.  A gross blunder by Intel.