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        It's been how many months now and Intel has still not addressed this issue?!?!

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          I.G. Romov

          @ J.C.***Your detailed instructions did indeed solve the problem of Intel SSD Optimizer being grayed out. It is necessary to do the install "the long way", i.e. have disk, so you can point right to the iaACHI.inf file. Just saying upgrade the driver doesn't do it. Thanks for the write up.

          @D749***I'm with you!!

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            Daniel Saner

            The problem finally seems to be fixed with the latest RSTe driver version from about a week ago. I experienced the same problems discussed in this thread (Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3, Intel 330 180GB), and they were fixed after downloading and installing that new version of the driver. The RSTe GUI now correctly reports that the storage controller works in AHCI mode, the Intel SSD Toolbox recognises my SSD and all its features seem to work.

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              I.G. Romov

              Thanks for the heads up. Latest RSTe driver version, which really shows as when unpacked, seems to indeed work. I am not, however, using a RAID setup but I can tell you that even with a single SSD (C), the grayed out problem is gone. Also, from the ASUS Republic of Gamers comes this info:


              Run Command Prompt with as administrator) and enter the follow command.

              fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

              If the result is '0' TRIM is enabled.


              Did it and got 0 so hopefully further confirmation of solution. BTW, this is on ASUS P9X79 pro MBO.

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                Daniel Saner

                Just checked my installation, you are right, mine reports as as well. Glad to hear your SSD is now detected as well.


                S.M.A.R.T. and the SSD Toolbox are, as far as I know by design, still not supported if the storage controller runs in RAID mode. I don't know if there are controllers that support TRIM for RAID configurations of SSDs, but I hear it's quite an involved problem.


                The fsutil parameter check determines whether Windows 7 is configured to issue TRIM commands to SSDs, but unfortunately does not help in determining whether the driver successfully receives and forwards them to the drive. My system reported '0' even though my SSD was not detected as such (it was listed in the automatic defragmentation schedule, which Windows doesn't do if it recognises an SSD). The most definite proof that everything works is probably when the Intel SSD Toolbox successfully reports health and status of the drive.

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                  The newest version of RSTe has been posted to Intel Download Center;  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21633&ProdId=3449&lang=eng&OSVersion=&DownloadType=Drivers


                  This should work for you.

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                    Yes indeed ! finally the latest version drivers for RSTe seems to correctly make the difference of RAID or AHCI

                    link of my SSD520.

                    I 'm using the intel SSD520 to start my Windows 7 64bit and in the same time use 3 HDD in Raid5 for backups purpose.

                    Previously the drivers gived the both volumes in RAID condition, that can't offer the SMART option work into the toolbox.

                    Now with the RSTe_Win7_3.2.0.1135_PV drivers, it show the Intel SSD520 in AHCI mode and The Volume created with my 3HDD in RAID mode into the manager entreprise rapid storage, and now my Intel toolbox can effort all the tools to manage my SSD.


                    But curiously, i meet some around delay response from my system now.

                    This happend randomly and for exemple when i want to create a new folder with my explorer, nothing seems to react and i need to refresh the vue to see the new folder appaird.

                    Some executable files doesn't react at the first click.

                    Some copy past take few second to start the process...

                    I already compared the speed of another system with SSD520 alone (Bios setup in AHCI mode for the SATA controler), and it's seem to be much more faster than

                    my system with SSD520 + Raid volume (Bios need to be setup in RAID for the SATA Controler).

                    The benchmark of my SSD520 give me a correct performance...then i suspected an software drivers issue

                    (maybe with my Kaspersky antivirus 2012...)

                    Otherwise Intel SSD 520 240Go (SSDSC2CW240A3) is really a powerful hard drive and i'm really happy from him. Hope this one will have a long life like my last configuration that i used during more than 7 years....


                    Gigabyte X79-UD5

                    Intel Core i7-3930K N.O.C.

                    Kingstom memory KHX-1600 C9D3/4GX  X4

                    Nvidia GTX 560 1GB

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                      Neil Judell

                      I've got an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, and made the mistake of using two SSD drives in RAID0 as the boot for the system.  NOT a good choice, and I really don't recommend it.  The iRSTe driver seems to have lots of problems, regardless of version (I've tried everything up to 3.2xxx).  The big one is that it faults the RAID with some degree of regularity - averaging once or twice per day.  Sometimes, data loss is involved.  Rolling back to use the iRST drivers - version 11.xx -- makes this problem simply go away, faultless behavior of the RAID.  Some very minor performance hits for doing this (transfer rate drops from 1.01 GB/sec to 950 MB/sec), but given that the system is fully stable, I'll take that hit.

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