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    0089 BIOS "ebable Video optimise" causes boot hang - DH77EB


      Video optimise option is at the home tab for their latest visual bios.

      When enable Video optimise (to enable your PC to boot faster without showing the Intel screen) ,

      the boot process will hang as black screen and shows:


      BIOS Settings: <F2>

      BIOS Update: <F7>

      Boot Menu: <F10>

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          I knew the problem all along when I pm jiejie about this issue and when I posted below about the bios becoming hang unfortunately not a single Intel representative bother to pm me to request for more info. I will not bother to log a complain because the person will only say I am the only one in the whole earth face this issue.




          The previous time I already told the stupid Intel representative to do a proper QC after the UEFI incident. It seems the same fella done it again. Such a simple issue can also go undetected.

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            We are unpaid QC of Intel, and sometimes unwelcome

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              That time during the UEFI issue on 1st of June 2012. I ask the Intel rep to go straight to the bios engineer to ask if the UEFI is an identified problem for DH77EB so that we can save all the time from bouncing email back and forth. Die die the stupid Intel rep called Lyn from the Philipine refused to email the bios engineer. She only said UEFI is not an identified issue and I am required to go through a 2 hours troubleshooting with a idiot person Called Michelle. Guess what after the 2 hours of time wasted with that Michelle fella they email back and said fault not simulated wasting my bloody time but they later eat back their own words saying a bios solution is identified and they slap their own face.


              Till now the TV tuner PCIe issue is not resolved and it is spreading like wild fire to other user. (PS. I had highlighted the TV tuner PCIe compatibility + UEFI issue for Intel DH77EB since 1st of June 2012)


              Below is the hopless reply from that Idiotic Lye women from Intel. She only know how to extract information from the Intel website and push away all the problem


              Date : 19 June 2012

              From : Lyn

              Dear : Mr XXXX

              Below are the answers to your concern:

              a) So are you saying the fault had been simulated and a bios update is coming up for the DH77EB ?

              This issue has been escalated and was simulated. A bios solution had been identified and we are just Waiting for production bios release.

              b) May I know roughly the date when will the bio be release ?

              There is no estimated timeline for the fix. Please provide us a more detailed explanation on why you need an immediate fix on this board. We
              will surely appreciate any business impact on your side which includes the total number of units affected,sold or impacted and how it affects you and your business if applicable. Take note that each BIOS release does not contain a single fix since we are catering a lot of fixes based on customers report and urgency of the issue.


              Feel free to visit our site from time to time for any future BIOS release and you may check the release notes of each BIOS to check if the
              fix has already been included.

              The next day I called back and F this women upside down saying that I had email them since 1st of June and what she mean by I need a fix immediately when I never demand for an immediate fix on 1st June. I tell her she better bloody don't put words into my mouth. We buy their board we expect something to be in working condition when we buy it and she demand a reason from me why I need a fix, bloody hell. So she expect me to buy a brand new board and accept it as not functional when we purchase it ?


              c) How come now you are able to simulate the fault but previously you are unable to do so and the previous time you say it is ok on your side without any UEFI issue ?

              Please take note that we have to try all means of testing based on the facts provided and during that time, we are still had an ongoing set of
              tests on our side. We made different sets of tests having different configurations. Again, a bios solution had been identified and we are just
              Waiting for production bios release.


              Take note how cunning this women is avoiding my direct firing on why at 1st they claim the DH77EB had no UEFI issue and then later on turn around and slap their own face saying a bios fixed for UEFI was identified.



              d) Regarding the PCIe TV tuner compatibility issue which is spreading amoung the 7 series motherboard users what did the engineers had to
              say about this ? Will the bios update resolve the compatibility issue ?


              As discussed before, you were asked to consult the manufacturer of the TV tuner card for any possible firmware update. You may also check with
              them if the card is compatible with the new 7 series of motherboard. Please double check if the TV tuner card was released prior to the 7 series was made, if yes, you may need to consult the card manufacturer for compatibility issues with our new boards.

              Please let us know if you are willing to ship your card to us for further testing. If there's an urgency on this issue with the TV tuner card, feel free to provide the full business impact as well so that we can coordinate this concern.



              Whao ho, push away all the problem to the TV tuner manufacturer and she demand a reason why I need a fix again.



              Lyn R.
              Intel Customer Support

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                In all honestly that women is just doing her job, and really just trying to troubleshoot the issue, getting mad at her wont solve anything. If you're going to yell, it should be at the Bios Engineers who are responsable for the fixes, not some lady who is probably paid minimum wage, and just reading a general troubleshooting tree.

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                  Additionally, a nvidia video card is pluged in.

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                    Ironically even if you use Intel's own HD4000 build in graphics card also the same thing happens. Worst part is the bios engineer never disseminate this bug info to anyone.

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                      Thank you for your supplement.

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                        Same problem.




                        When 'Video Optimization' is Enabled the boot process will hang at a black screen with the following options:

                        BIOS Settings: <F2>

                        BIOS Update: <F7>

                        Boot Menu: <F10>







                        Intel DH77EB with BIOS 0089

                        Intel Core i5-3570K

                        Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB DDR3-1600 CL9 kit

                        Intel 520 Series 120GB SSD with firmware 400i

                        Seasonic X-400 Power Supply

                        Windows 8 RTM x64 (UEFI setup)