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    DZ77BH-55K UEFI Issues


      Hey I've seen Intel has released a BIOS for the DQ77KB that addresses the UEFI boot problems, is there a BIOS coming out for the DZ77BH-55K?

      I want to install WIndows 7 using UEFI, but cannot with the latest 0085 Bios, as it wont boot the windows 7 media in UEFI mode. Also if I go into the Classic Bios:

      UEFI BOOT: Enabled

      LEGACY BOOT: Disabled

      my computer just starts beeping (beep, pause, beep, pause) and shows code 9h.

      if I enbale both I can boot, however it boots using legacy, as I cannot run the Windows 7 Installer in UEFI mode.