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        Well I just bought my z77 ASRock board and have this issue as well. Funky thing is that when I RDP to the machine, reinstall the driver (any of the versions including the Win8) it brings the screen up. Then I log off the RDP, and log in the machine directly. Reboot or sleep and BAM! its back. I thought this was a hardware issue but it is for sure driver. What makes me the most upset is that this thread is this long and this old.


        Too late Intel, I have lost faith and I will NEVER buy another one of your branded products again. This is asinine that a problem like this could exist on your flagship HD video driver, much less for this long. I bought this board and this proc. specifically to run integrated HDMI video. I will now have to invest in a discrete GPU just to get what I should already have. Using a DVI to HDMI adapter is unacceptable as I get no sound that way. VGA - same issue. The simple fact is that Intel has dropped the ball, and they don't care because they have the market share. I guess its off to AMD I go - not as good of CPU performance but by FAR better GPU... and they release drivers every month!


        Bye Bye Intel!


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          Same problem here on an ASUS U47A laptop. Really is ridiculous that Intel still has managed to sort this out.

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            Same Problem on.

            i5-3450 Processor. INTEL DH77EB Mother board. Connected to Dell Monitor IN2030M Via DVI Cabel.


            Has other's suggestion, I replug-ed the DVI cabel, Install the Latest driver, removing Windows register entry. but No use.


            What I found using Remote desktop is. Monitor is not detecting by HD Graphics. It shows Blanks in Display filed.

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              I have the same problem. Black screen on reboot or cold boot. This happens most of the time, but 1/5 times it will boot properly. I can RDP into the machine which leads me to believe that the HD4000 is not detecting my monitor. I generally power it down with the case power button (click once, and it shuts down Windows safely), and restart the machine until it boots up properly. Luckily this is a work machine and stays on 24/7. I have tried various driver versions, and am currently running Intel's latest.


              i5 3570k

              Asus P8H77-I

              Dell U2412m monitor using DVI port.

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                Thanks all for your information regarding this issue. We are working to resolve the issue and will post an update as soon as we have a resolution.

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                  While I am glad to see you back after nearly 2 months on this thread, you have nothing more to offer other than "wait longer"? I would be more than happy to provide your with all the details that you need to help resolve this. I find it disconcerting that its happening at all, much less for so long. While I understand drivers are quite complex and that there are possibly million of combinations of processors, motherboards and displays - this shouldnt take this long, and being left in the dark for months only confirms what I have said here and in another related thread that you either dont care, or have Bob from Accounting doing your driver development work.


                  To catch you up on some things that I have done, but didnt post because I honestly thought there would be no response:

                  *I have tried every version of the driver, from the one that came on the CD thru the beta Win8 = same result

                  *I have tried to update my .inf to the version you suggested, but the link is broken. updated to the one provided my my MB manufacture, which is .19 rather than .20 . I did find a .21 somewhere out there, but it wont update my system.

                  *I am using ONLY HDMI. I do not have an analogue monitor to test with. I assume this is all a digital issue since others are having the same problem on the HDMI and DVI ports, but when connected to VGA, all is well.

                  *If I RDP, then re-install the driver, the display shows up. I can then choose NOT to reboot, log of the RDP and log on locally, and have the system up and running. Of course the next time I have to reboot, its back to the black screen.


                  Again, the link you provided is broken. Have a new link, maybe some beta drivers for the .inf? I'll take what I can get. My mouse is hovering over the buy button at newegg right now on a video card to get the functionality that I should have had with this setup right out of the box.


                  Again, my system is at your disposal for testing and information gathering if you need it. I'll do everything up to re-installing Windows. MS can be blamed for a lot of things.. this ain't one of 'em.


                  I look forward to a timely reply Robert.

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                    We have posted a test driver for this issue. This is a test driver only and is being posted specifically for validation of blank screen issue discussed in this thread.


                    For the 32 bit version test driver  -  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21839

                    For the 64 bit version test driver  -  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21840


                    Thank you for your patience with this issue and we look forward to your feedback on the test driver.

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                      Thank you Robert for the timely reply.


                      I can report that this did NOT fix my system. I tried installing it over the top of the Win8 beta drivers, and when that failed to fix the issue, I uninstalled the device from device manager, selecting the option to delete the driver software, rebooted with generic VGA driver, then tried to install this driver, and still a black screen after the Win7 splash screen.


                      I do have something of note to add though. I am not sure if its coincidence or what, however, the behaviour where the screen pops up when I reinstall thru RDP, the screen actully pops up when it changes from video to audio driver installation. Again, not sure if its coincidence, but thought you might care to know.


                      Again, thank you for the quick reply. I am glad to see that this is still getting some attention. And again, my system is at your disposal for testing...

                      • 98. Re: Intel HD 4000 No Display after loading Windows 7

                        OK - so I need to take a step back here and re-evaluate a few things:


                        First: A previous poster in this thread - PAUL - suggested that this is a hardware issue. Specifically, the processor. I dismissed this at first because I didn't understand how hardware could be faulty AND driver dependent. He has done some to explain that, and I have also talked with an EE/CS friend who works for a university and he thinks that the idea of this being caused by a bad processor is well within the realm of possibility. So, I was wrong in my assumption that this could not be hardware, and I was wrong because of a lack of understanding.


                        Second: I forwarded this theory onto Robert_U, the gentleman from Intel that has been responding to this thread, and he has agreed to look at the hardware itself. I'll be sending the proc back to their labs so that they can get a better idea of the issue. Robert_U and his team have responded in a first class way, and have restored my faith in Intel as a company, and in their support structure. Most of the time, people only bitch and moan on these forums. Few take the time to give credit where credit is due - well credit is due here to Robert_U and his team. With their help, hopefully this issue can be fixed.


                        Lessons Learned:


                        Don't make assumptions, especially when you don't know all the information you need to know. I made this mistake and I will eat my humble pie with the best of 'em.


                        Don't throw money at the problem. If I were to just RMA this part thru my original vendor, or even thru Intel, it'd be dropped off in the recycle bin, without any chance to FIX the issue. I took a little bit of time, talked with a few people, listened to others and am now on the path to getting not only a replacement proc, but a chance to get this problem fixed.


                        Do provide as much information and cooperation as you can to those who are trying to help you. It makes their job easier, and increases their desire to WANT to help you.


                        I hope this helps some of you. Thanks again to Robert_U and PAUL for their information and their help. I'll keep this post updated with any information I get regarding this issue.

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                          I solved this issue--well, at least fixed the issue for myself. My issue was occurring after purchasing an ASUS U47A laptop, and performing a clean install on a new SSD. Once, I installed Intel HD Graphics the issue described in this thread occurred. After attempting the suggestions in this thread to no avail, I decided to copy the driver file from the originally installed HDD. After copying it over and pointing Windows to the correct location, the driver installed correctly, and my issue has been alleviated.


                          The driver I've had success with:


                          Hopefully, this is helpful.

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                            If only that were the case for me


                            I have tried that version of the driver, installed with the setup, pointing windows to that location only, installing from a different HDD, from a different computer across the network, etc... no joy.


                            I am glad this worked for you! Please report back if anything changes...

                            • 101. Re: Intel HD 4000 No Display after loading Windows 7

                              Hi Robert and Mr.d

                              I absolutely agree with Mr,d 's comments - thanks for helping so quickly. I am happy to add to the momentum and do any testing required to help fix this.

                              Unfortunately, I can confirm I downloaded the 64bit version of the drivers and it didn't resolve it.

                              I will try the 32bit over the weekend just in case (no harm I guess?).


                              I won't sent the processor back at this stage but am keen to know if this is found to be the issue.


                              Keep up the good work both!

                              • 102. Re: Intel HD 4000 No Display after loading Windows 7
                                Martin Maat

                                I've been following this thread (and others on the same subject) for a while and seem to have fixed the issue on my system by following some of the steps mentioned earlier by some guy I don't remember. Anyway, thanks man, you're best!


                                I will just tell what gear I have and what worked for me, this might help other people and/or Intel support to fix the issue. I have an Asus P8Z77-V DeLuxe motherboard with only a DisplayPort and an HDMI video output (no DVI or RGB). Then I have an old monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 193P) with DVI and RGB so I had to use some sort of converter. I use an HDMI-to-DVI converter.


                                I do not care to update the monitor just yet, I am using the machine as a virtual server host and I am rarely at the console. It runs Windows 7 x64.


                                The driver I had both trouble and success with is the 5/24/2012 one, inappropriately named Win7_64_152612 since it is not version but rather once unpacked and installed. This is just the latests driver publicly advertised on the Intel driver support site for Windows 7 x64.


                                I did two things to make it work so I am not absolutely sure what did the trick but I am pretty sure it had to do with disconnecting the cable (at the computer side, including converter). I also removed some registry keys but when I checked, the uninstaller seemed to have done a pretty good job of cleaning things up itself, all I did was remove some empty keys:





                                So, here's what I did step by step.,


                                Using Remote Desktop, I deinstalled the driver from Device Manager including driver files.

                                I disconnected the video cable and converter.

                                I rebooted the machine.

                                Again logged in through remote desktop. Now the device was recognized as HD 4000 but an exclamation mark was showing, Windows was unable to find a driver by itself which was just what I wanted.

                                I ran Win7_64_152612.exe. At this time all other chipset drivers were already (still) in place, I did not mess with those. The installer completed without issues.

                                I rebooted as suggested.


                                Once the system was all started up, I connected the video cable again and I got a picture. The driver was up and running, I updated the Windows Experience Index and got 6.6 for both graphics and gaming graphics which doesn't seem shabby at all for an integrated chipset.


                                I rebooted and ... I still had a picture. It seems to be fixed for me now.


                                Then again I have been reading posts of people who weren't so lucky after rebooting, even reports of random drop-outs further down the road. So I am not holding my hopes up too high yet and I am keeping my fingers crossed (no, not really, just as a matter of speech).


                                I hope this helps.

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                                  I have tried the same steps as everyone else, and I am still getting a black screen intermittently using the beta drivers mentioned by Robert_U.

                                  • 104. Re: Intel HD 4000 No Display after loading Windows 7

                                    Yup. I have tried every combination that I can think of. I spent hours just dealing with 6 different driver versions, 2 .inf versions, and various methouds of removing, wiping, reinstalling, installing, uninstalling, etc. I think PAUL sensed my despair and that is why he reached out to me with the suggestion of this being hardware. I'm getting my replacement processor tonight. Hopefully all will go well. Regardless - I'll post the results here.

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