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    DN2800MT motherboard - Freezes with No Video during WHS2k11 Startup


      Hi All,


      I'm attempting to use the DN2800MT motherboard for a Windows Home Server 2011 build, but unfortunately, I keep getting video issues.

      I'm 100% sure that it's not a hardware issue, as I have (2) DN2800MT boards, and tried to do this build twice with completely different hard drive & RAM, with the same symptoms.




      The build would start off with:

      - 2GB RAM

      - 2TB Hard drive
      - attached keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor


      I would start the Windows2k11 installation as normal, without issues.




      After the OS is installed finish, the video would simply not show on the attached VGA monitor after the initial BIOS load up about 50% of the time.

      I would have to do a hard power down, then restart to try again.


      To reiterate, the sequence is:

      - Power On

      - BIOS starts normally

      - Windows is supposed to load now : 50% of the time, I see the green animated scroll bar.  The other 50% of the time, there is no video.


      I also scanned the network to make sure that perhaps the system is running, but there's just no video.
      Unfortunately, it looks like the "OS start" just locks up, and it actually DOES NOT even get into Windows.




      Is this a known issue with the DN2800MT and WHS 2k11? (i.e. is this configuration supported?)
      I'm thinking of loading Win7 on this as an alternative, and since WHS 2k11 & Win7 are closely related, I want to make sure I'm not potentially wasting my time if there are known issues.


      In terms of troubleshooting:

      - This is happening before the OS is really even loaded, so I don't even know how to troubleshoot this (perhaps it's a driver issue?)

      - Tried switching the HDD, same problem

      - Tried using a different board (same DN2800MT model), same problem
      - Did two clean OS installs on the two separate drives, same issue.




      Any hints / assistance as to what to try next would be greatly appreciated - thanks!