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        "A little preview of the new color scheme..."



        Note sure if it will change for DZ77GA-70K too, but we will see soon.

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          Jan Prajer

          It is really nice to see new color scheme, but my recommendation for Intel engineers is to solve unstable bios first prior to playing with better design :-)

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            Yes, I'd like to be able to use the add-on card that worked with my DP55KG. As with this card, plugging in my USB joystick also prevents Windows load. I have never had a board with anywhere near so many BASIC issues as the DZ77GA-70K. Newegg won't even RMA my CPU along with the MoBo and cooler I bought in the same order. Next time I'll buy something other than Intel from Amazon.com.

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              Phew, I had luck returning my DZ77GA-70k. I now got an ASUS P8C WS sitting next to me as a replacement. Eventhough it isn't a perfect motherboard too, it's still light-years better than the DZ77GA-70k. The DZ77GA-70k just got the better looking Mobo PCB and a cooler looking BIOS UI, but the P8C WS got a working UEFI mode out-of-the-box instead (both Linux and Windows) and allows undervolting way down to 0.6V. The RMA process took me about 2 weeks, but it was definitely worth the trouble. Finally, I can stop troubleshooting + waiting for BIOS fixes and start being productive again!

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                ASUS is not better then Intel.


                I wanted to build a new Server PC with a Intel motherboard but i ended up getting a used server with an ASUS board and now i have issues. VT-x is not working, cant use Hyper-V RemoteFX because of that. ASUS support has been bad. They replied to me within 24 hours but their reply was "Are you using the latest bos revision?" i said yes and they replied again with "Hi Honestly no idea why it doesn't work." Did not even tell me what i could try to fix it, and if i don't fix it, offer me to RMA it.There is people here complaining about Intel. But the fact is that you can end up having bad experience with any vendor and motherboard.

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                  Wow!! I havent even unboxed my DZ77GA-70K mobo yet and reading about so many issues users are having with it is making me worried

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                    justin strunk

                    having the exact same NVIDIA SLI bug from BIOS version 0049 bug with latest Nvidia drivers as everyone else... but in both Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and Windows 8 RTM 64-bit.



                    running dz77ga-70k with UEFI (tried standard BIOS as well) with (2) EVGA GTX680's standard 2GB's in SLI. Seems that the NVidia 304.79 betas and 305.67 developer drivers (the 305's not officially released by nvidia, rather modded leaked developer drivers) are the only current ones compatible with the final Windows 8 RTM build.


                    IF you install either one, after reboot, you will see the Windows load screen, and then it goes black, and after a few minutes, the system boot loops and repeats the process. Discovered this does not happen if you remove one of the GPU's... it will boot fine and install drivers correctley.


                    IT's strange because the prior WHQL nvidia driver release works perfectley fine with the BIOS 0049 in SLI. MAtter of fact the board runs rock solid in Win7... even when OC'ing on a 3770k upto 4.5ghz. Runs like a dream until you install those 304.79 if your running SLI. Unfortunately the current WHQL nvidia drivers do not work with Windows 8 RTM (they only work with release candiate, not final build). And Im afraid whatever conflict the 0049 BIOS update for my intel board is having will continue to occur into the next official WHQL release that will likely also support Win8 RTM, as i can see it happening in the developer driver leaked updates from guru3d.com


                    There's definetely something that broke in 0049 BIOS on this board that conflicts with all newer Nvidia beta drivers.


                    There's also some minor issues with Win8 RTM that intel is on gonna need to fix... UEFI bugs, USBPORT.SYS BSOD driver compatibilty (course since Win8 is not officially out until Oct 26, theyve got some time), and there's shutdown/restart instability that causes it to hang sometimes. Simple stuff, but needs to be reported so they are aware of it.



                    EDIT: It appears all the intel 004x updates cause the SLI driver bug... but the 003x do not and work correctley with 304.79 and SLI


                    How do I report this to intel to make them aware its widely affecting this board as others are reporting same issue?

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                      I am using 302.82 WHQL on Windows 8 Final.


                      Contact Intel: Live Chat Support

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                        justin strunk

                        OK, dislikeyou, that did work.... however these drivers are extremely  buggy. Games are having all sorts of problems with the them... crashing left and right with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_TO BSOD




                        Of course, thats expected... these are the old 302.82 Windows 8 Release Preview build drivers you had me install, they are likely not going to work correctley with Windows 8 RTM (Release to Manufacture) Final build, as there is several months of development between both OS builds.


                        304.79 have official support for Windows 8 RTM with drivers optimized for it. So they should have no problems with RTM, however, intel needs to get the 004x SLI problem resolved.


                        So while the older Win8 RP (Release Preview build) nvidia 302.82 drivers do install and work with SLI on the 004x BIOS for this intel board on Windows 8 Pro RTM (Release To Manufacturer), they are extremely glitchy due to build changes and not being intended for anything other than the early Release Preview. Good find though!

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                          When is a new bios expected to be out, 13th September?

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                            Ken Jongsma

                            No - that's a Thursday.

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                              Jan Prajer

                              New bios is out. Has anyone tried it ? I will try it at evening and will be back with result. I HOPE, that NVidia driver issue will be solved with this release ...

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                                I have updated now. So far i only noticed 1 issue. General Optimization now works, but if i turn on Video Optimization it hangs. I suspect that it might be because i turned on "No GUI boot" in msconfig and it makes some conflict. But it does not matter so much, it boots fast anyway


                                Some other day i will maybe install Windows 8 again to see if the issues for it has been fixed like it says in the release notes. We waited a bit longer for this update but seems all / almost all issues has been fixed. So thanks Intel for listening to us

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                                  Jan Prajer

                                  YES, YES, YES ... This new BIOS and latest Nvidia driver 306.23 works fine. THX Intel.

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