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    Driver Error GMA 3650 - Windows Vista



      I have download the graphics driver of the GMA 3650, the operating systems are Windows 7 and Windows Viste (32 bits). However, the driver its only for Windows 7, because in Windows Vista i cant install it. (In Windows 7 i can install it wihtout problems)



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          I think you're right, I don't think it'll work on Vista as the older driver only ever mentioned Windows 7 support :-


          Download Center


          I'd guess that someone just added it on to the description without checking, especially considering the driver has no release notes yet.

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            For info I have had problems with this driver ( in a GMA 3650 equipped Shuttle nettop running Win 7 32bit. In some applications video had bad artifacts and in others the GUI flickered.


            Solution  I found was to upgrade to *.1077.  Have noticed that *.1065 remains the latest recommended version for GMA 3650 - feel that this should be updated.