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    DH67CL issue


      Had a board go bad, it had a 3rd gen i7-3770 in it, Intel support sent me another board (crossed shipped, had to pay $25) got the board put CPU in it and RAM (all tested and working before) and I get 3 beeps and nothing else keeps beeping, Based on charts that means bad RAM, but RAM is good. WHat I think is that BIOS is not 3rd GEN ready ( I had to update BIOS on the old board to get gen 3 working) question is, how do I update BIOS now ? I dont have a 2nd gen CPU any more, what do I do ? AM I stuck ?


      the new board is rev 206 (old one was 208) based on this Desktop Boards — Updating the BIOS on Intel´┐Ż 6 Series Chipset Boards 210 or later is 3rd gen ready ! Please help

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          Hello  stevensh,

          I understand that you are inquiring about you receiving a replacement motherboard with an older BIOS.

          It is possible that you may have gotten a motherboard with an older BIOS but usually this is not the case we usually will ship the replacement motherboards with a recent BIOS.

          At this time you can try a BIOS recovery update that sometimes will allow you to update the BIOS, if it does not work, you will need to get an older processor to update the BIOS or contact the warranty department again and check for the possible options for you.

          Here are the BIOS recovery instructions: