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    DH61AG BIOS 0042 Bug?


      After updating my DH61AG system to BIOS version 0042 I can no longer use USB mice or keyboards after bios post once windows enters install setup.


      I've tried multiple devices, wired, wireless, different ports, ect. Also tried different version of windows, booting from flash drive, booting from USB DVD rom, once windows gets to initial install screen I can't do anything. They work fine if booting into windows, but I need to redo my setup, and there are only USB ports (no PS2).


      I currently have this DH61AG system setup, and recently updated my bios to the latest version (0042) and am in the process of redoing the operating system. So it previously worked fine on older bios versions.


      I'm open to suggestions. If someone has this system and can check this out it would be appreciated. I just redid the OS on my DQ77KB system and using all the same devices, and everything worked fine there.

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          Nevermind, I feel stupid now... must have been spoiled by the DQ77KB's USB3 being built into the chipset. Apparently if you have the keyboard or mouse plugged in to the USB3 ports (blue) they don't work during windows install.


          In any event, I figured out my problem