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    BSOD with Intel HD 3000, igdkmd64.sys causes problem


      Hi All,


      I have had a problem with my Dell XPS 15 recently where my computer BSODs once or twice a day. It has been extremely frustrating and I have spoken to the Dell Support, however they haven't been a massive help. I've uploaded the minidump file (see link below) to help solve the issue.




      It seems to crash after several hours of working and usually (if not always) when I am watching a video or playing a game. To try to solve the issue I have updated all the drivers on my system (chipset/NVidia gfx card/Intel gfx etc, even the external hard drive firmware, anything that could cause an issue basically) to no avail. It was suggested I reinstall Windows 7 by Dell. I have done that and again updated all the drivers, installed all the updates from Windows Update and it continues to BSOD. The only thing I have attached to my laptop so far has been a external hard drive with some backed-up data, the drivers failed to install correctly, however I updated them manually from the WD website.


      From the bluescreenview program provided by Dell the issue seems to stem from igdkmd64.sys and so far the advice on how to fix it is fairly broad (update drivers etc.). The most in-depth information I could find comes from;


      Bug Check 0x7F: UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP (Windows Debuggers)


      However this goes into details which requires a working knowledge of Windows Debug Kit, which unfortunately I do not have.


      Any help or suggestions towards solving the problem would be highly appreciated!