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      • 90. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker

        Asus recently published a new BIOS update, which I installed last night.  There hasn't been any flickering since, but I have not had the time to watch it and be sure.  My fingers are crossed though and I'll post another update later tonight.


        Additionally: I let a memory test run for about 8 hours and it found nothing bad. So that wasn't my issue.

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          I am also having a similar issues, but with the audio. Every so often my sound will stutter and sort of pause for a second. I  downloaded DPC Latency checker to see what my latency is and turns out its rather high, peaking at 226763. I began to disable and enable drivers to see if it made a difference. I narrowed it down to being mostly the Intel 4000 Graphics driver's fault. When i disable it and use windows basic VGA, my latency goes down to green and only jumps to red once in a while and only for maybe a bar or two then back to greens(if you have DPC Latency Checker you'll understand).


          I'm currently in the process of downloading the latest driver for the Card and seeing if that make's a difference(doubtful). This is very frustrating as I just bought my laptop(HP Pavilion m7)on Monday and transferred all my data onto it from my old rig. I really hope Intel has an answer to this in some sort of driver update or what not.


          [Edit]: After using the Intel Driver Update Utility Tool AND the HP Automatic Update Finder. I installed the only driver update they both found which was the one for Intel 4000 Graphics driver and it hasn't made a difference in my latency. Sadly the issue with the sound continues. Again, this is so very annoying. Any help is and would be much appreciated.

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            Hi I just bought a new computer and I am experiencing flickering on my second external display.

            I have one HP display(1920*1200) connected to the dvi output and one Samsung display(1920*1080) connected to the

            display port. I am using the HP as my primary and I am extending the desktop on the samsung display.

            It seem like the image on the samsung screen get translated to the right, so the right most part of

            the screen get located on the left side on the screen.This happens after approximtly 10 min can

            be more or less. When that happens the screen start to flicker. To remove the flicker I have to

            change the settings on the screen. I can change portrait/lanscape and that will remove the flicker

            for some time. If I let the screen flicker for "too long" the screen gets black and it does not

            state that there is no signal, im not sure how to recover from that mode, except for restarting

            the computer. I looked trough this thread and I could not find any one else that got the

            screen image translation.


            When I use only the samsung display, disable the rest, I do not get any translation and flickering.

            When I am using the HP and internal display, I do not get translation and flickering.

            When I am using the samsung display and the internal i get flickering on the samsung display.


            So it seems like I cannot use the samsung screen connected with the display port with an addition display, I have

            tested both the external HP display and the interal display as second display.


            Here is my hardware using windows 7 home premium edition.


            XMG P502 PRO Gaming Notebook 39.6 cm (15.6 ") - Premium offer

            . 39.6 cm (15.6 ") Full HD (1920 * 1080) Non-Glare

            . NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M 4096MB GDDR5 | TDP: 100W

            . Intel Core i7-3720QM - 2.60 to 3.60 GHz, 6MB 45W "Ivy Bridge"

            . 16GB (2x8192) 1600MHz DDR3 RAM SO-DIMM

            . 256GB SATA III SSD Samsung 830 Series (MZ-7PC0256D/EU)

            . Blu-ray Combo (Blu-Ray Read / DVD multi-standard) without Softw.

            . Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 (with Bluetooth)

            . Basic Warranty: 24M. Pickup & Return | 6M. Immediate repair DE

            . without an operating system

            . Microsoft Office 2010 Starter (only when ordered and pre-installation of Windows 7)

            . Backlit Keyboard SWEDISH


            BR MN

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              This problem is not an isolated incident. I too am experiencing flickering using dual monitors from the HD4000 Graphics of an I7 3770k. I experience the screens flicker, both flicker (though not at the same time), at what appears at this point to be random times. Some times the picture will shift to appear a few centimeters off and then immediately will shift back to being normal. I hope some action will come out of this thread as it seems to be an issue that impacts motherboards from multiple providers.


              Below is my build specification to assist intel in reproducing what I'm experiencing.



              2X Asus Montiors VS228H-P R

              SILVERSTONE Sugo Series SG06BB-450 (450 Watt PSU)

              Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge BX80637I73770K

              ASRock H77M-ITX LGA 1155 Motherboard

              G.SKILL Ares Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (F3-1600C9D-16GAR)

              OCZ Vertex 4 VTX4-25SAT3-128G

              and a second TB laptop drive for storage, if its important I can try to look it up.

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                I hate to chime in with a 'me too', but me too.


                I just built a system this morning:

                Asus P8Z77-I mini-itx motherboard

                i7-3770K CPU

                160GB Intel X-25M SSD, 2x256GB Samsung 830 SSD

                2x8GB G.SKILL F3-1600


                Dell U2711 2560x1440, connected via displayport

                Dell 2405FPW 1920x1200, connected via DVI

                HD4000 driver;


                Every 30 minutes or so, the U2711 display goes wonky. Sometimes it just goes black. Sometimes it goes mostly black with some colored pixels along the top. It seems to happen when I click on stuff. I've seen it several times in Chrome, and once while in LibreOffice Calc.


                Haven't tried new drivers/bios yet. Going to go that route now.

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                  I've updated all my drivers to the latest indicated by the Intel Driver Update tool -- graphics driver is at Still seeing the issue.

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                    Try installing the Windows 8 drivers, these install fine on Windows 7 although you may get a security warning as I think they are only digitally signed for Windows 8, I've been using them for weeks and weeks with no issue, although I've never had a flicker here.  Using 24" wide screen Dell monitor with DisplayPort and older monitor on DVI.





                    • 97. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker

                      Where do you find the Windows 8 drivers? And you're certain they run ok on Windows 7?

                      • 98. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker

                        I am also having a problem with an intermittent flicker on an external monitor driven at 1920x1080. The system is a Samsung Series 9 XP900X3C (i5-3317U) with Intel HD 4000 graphics running driver version Flickering occurs more often with activity on the second screen - video playing or switching between tabs, for instance. DPC latency checker software tool reveals frequent spikes to 2000us (range likely to drop video) and max values in the 6k range. Running off battery does not seem to make a difference.


                        On experiencing this problem I replaced the cable and monitor, but this did not correct the issue. I then replaced the computer with another of the same model - same problem right out of the box. Samsung's support solution was to match the second monitor to match the laptop's native 1600x900 - this seemed to correct the issue, but is a completely unacceptable fix. Is there any time frame to get the HD 4000 flicker issue resolved? My return window is quickly closing, so the laptop may have to go back before the problem can be addressed.

                        • 99. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker

                          I tried the Windows 8 BIOS. Yikes. Rebooted, and both screens went blank. I rebooted into safe mode, and am now re-downloading the Windows 7 drivers.


                          Here's what I've tried so far:

                          1) Updated HD4000 driver to latest Win7 driver. No impact on the screen blanking problem.

                          2) Hard-coded my GPU Voltage in BIOS to 1.00V. No impact on the screen blanking problem.

                          3) Updated my motherboard BIOS to latest version. No impact on the screen blanking problem.

                          4) Updated driver to latest Win8 driver (on Win7). No display at all.


                          One thing I noticed; normally I see the issue every 10-15 minutes. But just for fun I downloaded and ran Passmark. Holy cow. Non-stop screen flickering, screen blanking.


                          I don't know how to convey any more strongly the significance of the issue than others here already have. Intel guys, if anyone is reading this thread, I work in VPG in RA2. If you're having any trouble reproducing the problem, please please contact me. I'd be happy to bring my machine in to work and you can reproduce it all day long. My nice new system is virtually a doorstop right now, and I haven't seen any progress on this issue in the several months that others have been posting about it here.

                          • 100. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker



                            I got the Windows 8 drivers from Download Center


                            I've been using them since July on Windows 7 64bit, no problems at all, although I've never had the blanking issue anyway running an i7-3770 no matter what drivers.





                            • 101. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker

                              So, this was interesting; last night I updated to the Windows 8 driver, encountered issues with the display not working at all (went blank after the 'Starting Windows' splash screen), and then downgraded to the Windows 7 driver I had loaded previously.


                              After that downgrade, in about 2 hours of usage including a run of PassMark, I had no issues with the screens blanking out. It's way too early to declare victory, but that's the longest (by far) I can remember going without an 'episode'.


                              So my sequence was:

                    > Displayport screen blanks out very frequently

                    > Displayport screen blanks very frequently *and* DVI screen blinks frequently (blinking != blanking)

                              Win 8 Driver => Non-functional

                    > 2 hours of bliss

                              I'll know more tonight.

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                                igxqrrl, any updates?


                                I've been able to run succesfully with the windows 8 64-bit drivers, however it failed to correct the screen flickering issue. I'm unsure of what the issue could be, and I'd love to hear something from intel regarding this. It seems like it must be an on-cpu graphics issue. When I stop using dual monitors it goes away. I tried running PassMark performance test and ran into an issue where it suggested I install the latest drivers. I do currently have the latest drivers. It would be nice to hear what intel is doing regarding this issue.


                                Below is the error messages I recieved when using 3d pass mark.


                                • 103. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker

                                  In the last couple days I have not had *any* blinking or blanking problems. Again, I'm using Win7 (not sure of the exact rev --) my driver flow was:


                        > Displayport screen blanks out very frequently

                        > Displayport screen blanks very frequently *and* DVI screen blinks frequently (blinking != blanking)

                                  Win 8 Driver => Non-functional

                        > NO PROBLEMS SO FAR!!

                                  I ran the PassMark graphics test a couple times, and didn't get any symptoms. A couple nights ago I tried plugging in a third 24" monitor to my HDMI port. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like 3 monitors are supported, but the relevant point is that I didn't see any issues with DisplayPort + HDMI either.

                                  So [knock on wood] my problems seem to be resolved. Hopefully this works for others as well

                                  • 104. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker



                                    I am having the same problem with my brand new Dell E6230


                                    My setup is as follows:

                                    - 2x Dell U2711 2560x1440 external displays, connected via DisplayPort on the newest Dell E-port plus port replicator

                                    - Dell E6230 with  i7-3520M, 16GB Ram, Samsung PM830 256GB SSD

                                    - Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

                                    - Intel HD 4000 Graphics (Driver


                                    When using both monitors one or both of them often goes completely black. Other times, it goes black with some small (few pixels wide or tall) stripes of colored pixels (red is most noticeable) around the left and top edge of the screen.


                                    To fix it I have to do one of the following:

                                    - Undock and redock the laptop

                                    - Unplug and replug the displayport cable

                                    - Turn the monitor off and on


                                    It never happens with only one monitor connected.


                                    I have the newest BIOS (A02) for the laptop.

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