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    Problem with the Intel HD VGA driver on i5 Windows 7 x64




      I'm desparate for a bit of help.  I built a new system using a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 motherboard and an i5 2500K processor with 8Gb .1333Crucial DDR3.


      The system works fine and is perfectly stable until I install the intel (HD) VGA driver.  Then it works for a couple of mintes, the screen flickers and then freezes, corrupted and the only solution is to do a hard reset.  I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64.


      I tried the driver supplied with the motherboard and when this failed I tried the latest version from the Gigabyte website, which seems slightly more stable but still crashes out in the end.


      I've run CPU diagnostics all fine, tested the memory, tried a different hard disk - the system is always stable until this driver is loaded.  Even tried loading the version of the driver from Windows update.


      Gigabyte say that they cannot reproduce the problem

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          Hi there!


          The current driver available is version; you may want to try our version since your driver seems customized by your computer manufacturer.


          Please refer below for driver download




          Let me know if driver version works on your computer.




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                 I get the same problem as with the motherboard supplied driver.  The driver installs ok, I can log in and basically use the system, then after a few minutes (sometime before I get to log in) the screen starts to flicker then locks solid with the display totally corrupted.

            I've run a extensive memory test - several hours using memtest86+.  I've run the Intel cpu diagnostic tool with no problems - (using the stock windows VGA driver).  I've tried running from a different drive, flashed my BIOS to the latest version plus installed all of the latest mobo drivers.


            I have no othe PCI devices on the system.


            In all cases the system fails almost immediately after loading the Intel VGA driver


            Is it possible that the onboard GPU is faulty?  I have no chip I could replace it with at present.


            Any ideas would be appreciated.



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              I just finished building a system with an Intel DH67CL motherboard and I7 processor.  Everything worked until i installed the HD video drivers.  I can't even make it through the login screen without the corruption and freezing.  I have tried the drivers on the disc and also downloaded them from Intel.  As long as I keep the video driver disabled I can use the computer.  However, that isn't really adequate considering I bought the machine to do video editing.


              The standard response of "download new drivers" does not seem to be doing the trick.  Any ideas?  I have tried every bios setting that looks like it might do something useful.  No luck.  I could buy a real video card, but Intel claims that their embedded video works.

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                I recently built my own i7-2600k with a p8z68 mobo. The integrated graphics didn't work at all. It wasn't even an option in the bios. I tried a new mobo and managed to get it to post with a monitor plugged in to the onboard graphics, but as soon as I tried adding hdd's, etc it would not even post. Since this is a new build, I've RMA'd the cpu to the vendor. Unfortunately, I cannot get a refund, only a replacement.


                I was sold on the concept of using quicksinc and Lucid virtue for graphic editing....CS5.... but at this point I'm not convinced that these are actually viable features. I have posted here regarding the issues I've been dealing with and have recieved no response from Intel.(apart from the implication that I was somehow to blame for the problem.)


                I am concerned that the flaw in the HD 3000 graphics might damage the cpu as it is integrated on the chip. I would like to see Intel offer a solution to people, if you can get them to give you a new chip I'd do that, then use a discrete graphics card.

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                  I have the same problem. Every time I try to use Intel video drivers for my new i5-3470 on a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V mobo (windows 7-64bit) I get an error (windows explorer not working or even system reboots) and a blue screen some minutes after rebooting. The system works with the standard windows VGA driver, but I'm not happy at all without Aero and hardware acceleration . Do I have to purchase a separate video card?


                  EDIT (31 Aug): Problem solved. One memory module was faulty. After replacing it everything runs fine.

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                    Hi Bradbury


                    Did you receive the replacement CPU you RMA'd? If yes, have you had a chance to test it yet?