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    1600 mhz ram advice (DZ68BC)

    serdal aksun

      Hi, I use xms3 1600MHz Memory corsair 8gb (4 * 2). I'm having several problems with this memory. Dual Chanel does not work. "2E" I get an error message. Which can work seamlessly with DZ8BC 1600 mhz memory?

      The system is as follows:

      CPU: I7 2700K

      Mobo: DZ8BC (bios version 037)

      VGA: Asus GTX570

      Audio Card: Sound Blaster Creaive 3d recon

      TV tuner: Asus my cinema ps2/100

      PSU: Corsair 650W enhaust

      SSD: Mach Extreme fusion

      Case: Corsair R500

      (Corsair Memory has been tested to another board, absolutely no problems.)