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    Anti theft login problems


      HI guys, when I bought my laptop just under a month ago it came with this intel anti theft nonsense which I stupidly installed, shortly after I got the laptop I had a problem and had to reinstall windows so I guess this is where my problems started as I didn't reinstall the anti theft software. Yesterday I got an email stating that I had to connect to the intel server and as I didn't have the software installed I decided to just log in and turn off the auto shut down, or so I thought. Tonight the laptop shutdown and will only start up once I've entered my password, ok so I enter my password and it says it's wrong, thinking that I might have used a different password I try to log into the intel anti theft site (that I logged into earlier today) to change the password and it's telling me my log in is wrong and even the email address I used is wrong so I can't reset my username or password. The email address can't possibly be wrong as intel have emailed me on it yesterday.


      Has anyone had this problem or do you have any suggestions? Thanks