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    Sound keeps dropping out using widi


      I have a Centrino advanced-N 6230 adaptor with the driver and a netgear push2tv PTV2000HD with the firmware. It was working great up until a month ago and now the sound keeps dropping out. I am not sure whether its the PTV2000 or the 6230 adaptor. I've used the widi software to test the sound and the sound still drops out.


      Has anyone else seen this issue?

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          I have the same problem using the 6230N card, only I'm using the Belkin Mainstage adapter.

          The sound is fine for like 5 minutes and suddenly it stutters like a buffer underrun or something.

          To correct the problem I use WindowsKey+P to reset the connection but this is not how it should be!


          I hope Intel will fix this problem shortly!

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            Steve C

            I keep having this problem as well - I can't get the sound to work (when using all 5 channels) for more than a minute. I believe it to be an issue with the software/firmware momentarily losing link due to wireless noise and then not reconnecting due to the software not reacting accordingly. I'm having the issue with a Dlink MainStage adapter.


            I'll be returning my adapter later this week. I've been very disappointed with WiDi and I'd rather go back to just using a HDMI cable.

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              I also have this problem, sound is dropped anytime beetween 5-15min. and is restored for another duration if I press Win+P and select "only monitor" and then "only projector".


              My Widi ver. is have a laptop Asus UX31a,  with Centrino Advanced-N 6236 network adapter(driver is v.


              The receiver/adapter is a Netgear PTV2000 with hardware v. and firmware

              My Graphics card is a HD 4000 with driver ver.

              My sound card is a Realtec HD Audio with driver

              and a Widi Audio Device with


              Please help, this issue is ruining the experience....



              Richard Hagen

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                I'm having the same issue.  Brand new Lenovo IdeaPad with the PTV2000.  The audio cuts out after maybe 5 minutes or so.  Incredibly frustrating.  Even more frustrating the silence coming from Intel and Netgear.

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                  Agreed, robinsf. I'm surprised by the lack of response from Intel on this thread. I’ve been checking back weekly for the past month.  I’m sure there are countless others doing the same. If so, please speak up.  Maybe if more users show they're having this same issue, as I’m sure many are, Intel will respond. 

                  At this point, I have a WiDi that is useless for any streaming due to the constant sound dropping. Streaming is why I purchased the WiDi and at the rate things are going and lack of support, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t return the product.  It should be noted it worked fine for the first week or so then I did a firmware update. Not sure which one, but I started having the problem right afterwards. 

                  Intel – please advise on how to resolve.  If you don’t know yet, please at least tell us what you’re doing to address. Are you looking into it and do you have an approximate time you think you may know more? Do you think a firmware release had a bug in it and you’re working to rectify? The lack of response leads us to believe you don’t care we’re having issues, leaving us with inoperable/worthless products.  I'd like to think this isn't the experience you're intending for us to have, but I'm starting to have doubts.  Communication would be a step in the right direction. 


                  WiDi Hardware:  Netgear P2TV2000


                  Wireless Card: Centrino Advanced-N 6230



                  HP ProBook 4530s Energy Star

                  OS: Windows 7 Home Premium v6.1 build 7601service pack 1, 64bit

                  Processor:  Intel Core i3-2310M CP @ 2.10GHz

                  Ram: 4GB


                  Graphics Driver

                  Product: Intel® Processor Graphics 3000

                  Current Driver Installed:


                  Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility (Chipset INF)

                  Product:  Intel® HM65 Express Chipset Family

                  Current Driver Installed:


                  Audio Driver for Intel Desktop Board

                  Product: Intel WiDi Audio Device, ver

                  Current Driver Installed:

                  Wireless Networking (WiFi)

                  Product: Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6230

                  Current Driver Installed:

                  Wired Networking

                  Product: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

                  Current Driver Installed: 7.31.1025.2010

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                    Are you using Skype? If so, try closing it and see if the sound problem disappears.

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                      dont know if the question was to me or someone else, but I have skype installed, but not used it(have been sure to exit it to save battery). So skype has not affected the problem with me :/

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                        No, I'm not using or running Skype in the background.  It's installed on my laptop, but it doesn't run unless I start it up, which I have not done.  As a matter of fact, I don't run anything else on my laptop except the WiDi and one open web browser - the one I'm trying to stream.  So, unfortunately, Skype is not root cause. 

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                          Ok..try one more thing. After widi starts, click on the small speaker icon in windows task tray and then 'mixer' and make sure the widi device is not accidently on mute.

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                            Hi, thanks for trying to help, but yeah, I have checked that the sound is not muted....


                            And it disconnects at seemingly random times, even when Im only using windows and browsing the web(Chrome), suddenly the sound stops working. Or when Im watching a movie(vlc) or listening to music(spotify) or playing som Youtube clips(Chrome/Flash). It seems no matter what I do, the sounds keep disconnecting anytime beetween 5-20 minutes. I can get it back by changing the screen setup(Win+P) or reconnecting the widi.


                            PS. Most of the time I use widi to try to play a movie, and then I never use the laptopwhen watching the movie...

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                              hmm... strange. the reason i mentioned skype is that i have the exact problem, but only with skype. widi  works perfectly with browser flash video, mp3 music, or vlc/wmp videos. but if i start skype,  the sound drops but picture continues. i have to restart widi and then surprisingly skype also works.


                              so maybe in your case, its some wierd software vs driver incompatibility. maybe is a flash problem. (the most recent version of flash thru chrome for example has a problem that in extend mode, the full screen is sent to the wrong window)


                              one more thing to try: are you guys using a hdtv and more than stereo sound and/or hdmi with hdcp? one suggestion is to connect the netgear adapter to the tv directly with analog component cables and see if the problem remains. you may not be able to stream protected content, but regular content should work just fine. this will likely say that the problem is somewhere in the chain of pc sound driver -> widi -> hdmi driver.

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                                Hi guys,


                                So, after quitting in frustration, my computer popped up an upgrade notification for the intel app.  I ran that, and was able to watch a complete program.  But, tried again the next day and it cut out again.  My adapter is about 10 feet from my laptop.  Nothing is obstructing, however my signal strength is only 3 bars.  Grrr.  Also, I notice when when the audio cuts out, the video freezes for a split second before the audio cuts out.  So, I think the signal is dropping for a second, and the video recovers, but the audio doesn't.


                                Here's what I've done, to no avail:

                                1) Quit skype completely

                                2) Quit all other apps except WiDi and browser (watching web videos).

                                3) Moved my adapter from inside the cabinet to the top of the cabinet (no glass between).

                                4) Installed latest updates for the PTV2000 and WiDi.

                                5) Checked mixer for mute

                                6) Checked the audio settings.


                                If I reconnect to the adapter, then I get audio again for a couple minutes.  So frustrating.  Also, when it goes to my stereo, it takes the tv show and puts it in 5.1, but sends the audio equally to each speaker...nice.


                                Here's what I'm doing that I know will work.

                                1.) Sending the PTV2000 adapter back to Amazon for a refund.

                                2.) Going old school and stringing the HDMI cable across my living room between my laptop and TV

                                3.) Sneer every time I see an ad on TV for Intel WiDi.