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        All right, I did not get this in your last post.


        Yes you are right, it's electically the same, however well it worked for me. Maybe the drivers interpretate the Monitor as an HDTV or whatever and therefore shuts down the DVI port.

        Also what I saw once when I had those DVI problems, I plugged in my 42" LG TV and I got a picture. It just worked once. Maybe you can test this just to get more information what's actually going on.

        I think as soon the HD 4000 knows where to point the signal you are all set. As soon this is once messed up, you can't roll it back. Therefore my assumption is that it is important that even after the first reboot you unplugg the montior.

        But well, all what I am writing here is based on my own experiences and technically not grounded/proofed.

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          I have the same problem.  Screen goes black after Windows 7 x64 splash screen.  I can't see my name to login.


          I have tried installing the chipset device software and then the windows 8 driver recommended here.  It does not fix it.  My machine is a Shuttle SH67H3 w/ i7-3770K, Win 7 x64, DVI cable, Dell 2001FP monitor.

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            You are a genius. After beating my head against a wall for the best part of a week not knowing how to fix this I went back over your post and tried re-installing windows, and then letting it restart after installing the Intel hd drivers - but before it restarted I unplugged the monitor from the AC and the dvi socket. Then once it had rebooted I plugged the dvi in and then the AC to the monitor. Bingo - picture, that stayed after I rebooted. No more black screen of sadness. As you have said, once it detects something awry with the setup it's very hard to get it back.


            I only went to all the trouble of re-installing because before this I tried plugging another monitor I borrowed (dell 2007fp) into the dvi and it worked, so I knew that there was nothing wrong with the dvi cable or the dvi output. I Think you have a better handle on why this is happening than me, but I'm just glad to have it solved. Now I can have DVI on my monitor running at 1280x1024, and the desktop extended to the projector plugged into the VGA at 1024x768. Couldn't do that with the standard windows vga driver.


            Thanks again.

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              Hi clemf,


              wow, that's awesome ... I am glad this solution worked well for you also!


              take care ...

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                Claudio Köhl

                i have a new PC GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3(rev. 1.3) with i7-3770 and W7pro 64bit with driver 8.15.0010.2696 was installed.
                1st i only used Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS connected via DisplayPort. Everything worked fine.
                Then i installed Display Driver, connected my Samsung XL24 to the DVI prort and configured a Desktop Left XL24 (DVI) and Right (main) P27T-6.
                BIOS output and Windows Loading screen now only apears on DVI port and Output to P27T-6 (DisplayPort) after Windows booted apears only if P27T-6 was switched on before PC switched on.
                Then i installed driver and it worked PC switched on both monitors OFF and switched on P27T-6 (DisplayPort) after windows booted up.
                Yesterday i switched on that Monitor too early the Monitor was not detected, very littel part of the Left upper desktop was displayed and after switching on XL24 (DVI) and restarting PC no signal came out of the DisplayPort anymore.
                After several restarts of the PC witch bot Monitors switched off it worked again and main screen was back on Left Monitor P27T-6 (DisplayPort) which was switched on after Windows was up.
                This is was i discovedr so far.

                thank you



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                  Had problem with NEC 90GX2 Display (old display) and DVI connection.  Seems to be fixed by installing monitor driver rather than generic.

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                    The Standard HDMI Cable has sufficient bandwidth to transfer 720p/1080i video signals between 720p/1080i rated source and sink (display) devices.


                    The High Speed HDMI Cable has sufficient bandwidth to transfer 1080p video signals between 1080p rated source and sink (display) devices.


                    Standard HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

                    High Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable


                    A DVI single link 60-Hz LCD can display a resolution of 1920 x 1200, while a DVI dual link can display a resolution of 2560 x 1600. The dual link DVI pins effectively double the power of transmission and provide an increase of speed and signal quality


                    For modern high-definition flatpanel monitors, 1080p is a common resolution coming from PC video cards. I wanted to point this out because some people believe the only difference between HDMI and DVI cables is that the HDMI cable will carry the audio signal and DVI does not.

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                      Finally got mine to work.  Used Davids suggestion of installing monitor driver first (Dell 2407WFP).  Its a different monitor than I tried originally but it all works for now (so I really don't know if its the different monitor or installing the driver first that fixed it.)  Doesn't matter as I have a working configuration now.

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                        This thread says closed but it seems without a final fix so I am adding here rather than starting a new thread.


                        I have exactly the same problems as mentioned here - on a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Motherboard / i7-3770S / 32GB RAM, trying to use the integrated 4000 graphics digital ports (HDMI and DVI for now) to support multiple monitors when the system reverts to use the 15pin DSUB VGA output only.


                        - installed fresh WIN7 (ultimate) with a single DVI-D (Dell 2405FPW) monitor

                        - after driver update including activation of the intel graphics driver the system reverts back to the VGA (DSUB) output

                        - no change when installing the WIN8 driver as suggestion before here

                        - tried both the DVI and HDMI (w/ HDMI->DVI adapter) port, unable to activate as second monitor

                        - did install the intel inf files from the above link

                        - tried both gigabyte delivered drivers and intel originals (same results, seem identical anyhow).


                        ONLY immediately after updating the intel graphics driver I can get either digital port (DVI/HDMI) to activate as a second display - actually it becomes primary at the native max resolution of the monitor - and the VGA monitor becomes secondary with the desktop being extended here. The install then offers/demands a restart. If I refuse I can use both displays - if I reboot the system is not persisting the configuration and reboots back into VGA only display.


                        Thanks ahead for any help!





                        I checked a bit more today and I suspect the issue to be related to the driver being unable to read EDID from the second monitor (same type) at least in some timing dependend way. During the setup process two digitally attached (one on HDMI-DVI adapter, one straight DVI) are correctly identified and can then be used (Also the VGA port display is no longer needed). I can also store that setup using the intel tool as a profile. During boot however the display goes back to single monitor configuration on the HDMI port. I am then unable to restore the previously saved dual monitor profile - only rerunning teh setup will work. So my theory is that there is a difference between the boot code and teh setup code, because the setup code is actually able to correctly determine the #2 (identical) monitor. Hope that helps?

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                          As there is no update from intel should we create a new thread here?

                          I have just built a new pc - i5-3570K processor on a MSI Z77A-G43 Motherboard due to my old AMD Motherboard dying. I didn't want to spend too much so am continuing to use my perfectly good ViewSonic Monitor - VG2030wm (using my well established DVI cable).

                          I get exactly the problem described above. When I install the Intel HD 4000 drivers, it starts windows and then the monitor goes to sleep with no signal. When I install the Standard VGA graphics driver all is well ... except even when I try to play solitair it has no hardware acceleration - and my overall Windows Experience Index is 1!!!!

                          7.6 for processor, 7.9 for primary HDD (its an SDD) - but 1 for graphics and gaming graphics.

                          I don't want a graphics card - because of cost, and also heat - I have a quiet machine for the time being.

                          I don't want to buy a new monitor either - there is no guarantee that it would work anyway.


                          I will give it till next week then open a new thread as this doesn't seem to be getting any attention from Intel.

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                            one of the issues seems to be the intel driver defaults back to using the standard VGA port. It also might be possible that the counterpart to the VGA port (from the BIOS point of view) is another digital port of your motherboard; you may need an adapter like HDMI to DVI or displayport to DVI to be able to try that.


                            Intels non responsiveness here is pretty disappointing as is the entire situation. With these MBs in production since more than 3 month it is unbelievable that these sort of problems still exist (making it worse - not to say these were acceptable at the beginning). Feels like being back in Windows 95 times. Flickering displays, unability to identify and properly persist the monitor configuration (icon placement mess ups again and again), lack of properly implemented multi monitor support (it seems I can get two displays to work but not three - even though the MB has 4!! ports and the chipset spec says max 3 monitors).


                            This level of quality issues is totally unacceptable for a productivity tool a PC ought to be. I'll probably return the entire product as I can not afford to waste all the time debugging what should be a standard industry solution.


                            Anyways: good luck!



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                              Intel please, it has been 4 months now...

                              • 87. Re: Intel HD 4000 No Display after loading Windows 7

                                I have ordered an HDMI to DVI cable - £2.99 from Amazon.co.uk so we will see if this works - a shot (almost) to nothing. I will let you know how it goes.

                                With regard to the driver reverting - it didn't but when I encountered the problem, I rebooted into safe mode - the monitor works. I then used device manager to remove the intel driver (can't believe I am typing this - it is Intel and Win 7 for gods sake - not leading edge really) and it works (except it doesn't really does it) .....


                                Should get the cable over the weekend so will try and update you all.

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                                  I'm having the same problem but have found a temporary solution.


                                  Motherboard: Intel DH77DF

                                  CPU: I7 3770S

                                  OS: Windows 7 64 bit


                                  After installing any of Intels drivers I get a black screen after the windows 7 splash. I used the DVI port. Now I bought a HDMI to DVI converter and tried the HDMI port. That helped! But now it's clear that the drivers switch port from DVI to HDMI after splash screen. This only happens after installing the Intel drivers.


                                  Right now I'm ok in Windows but I have to change port to see bios boot and splash!

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                                    Well, at least the cable wasn't very expensive. I have now got HDMI to DVI working and exactly the same problem - goes to Windows and monitor goes to standby.

                                    You have to laugh when trying to play spider solitair and it tells me the hardware isn't sufficient!

                                    Intel - this is a farce. I am really concerned that the lack of competition from AMD will mean you become even less caring.

                                    GET THIS FIXED NOW!

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