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        Please join us in lamenting and cursing the decision to purchase what we believed to be a superior, stable hardware upgrade from a reputable company that supports its customers.


        INTEL -- if you thing the lack of activity in this thread is any sort of indication of the issue subsiding, you are incorrect. It is that customers are giving up on the idea that you are working very hard to address this issue and simply moving on to other solutions, to the detriment of our outlook on your brand and company. If you are having difficulty replicating this "intermittent" issue, by all means please use my system for troubleshooting. The issue happens dozens of times every single day, often within 10-15 seconds of each other. Please give us an ETA on when we can at least expect a beta fix, as the ranks of dissatisfied customers are growing.


        We are:

        - early adopters

        - power users

        - business owners

        - company buyers


        We are the people you should be listening to and working very hard to support. We buy your products when they first come out and help inform the masses. Those in the future weeks and months that see this thread and your lack of engagement and support will have sufficient evidence of the risks they run by putting their faith in Intel and its products.


        Note: My screen went black twice in the construction of this post.

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          Jon,, this issue is very HW specific. It has been very difficult to reproduce in our lab. If you could, please post your HW configuration with model numbers of the displays, it will be helpful in building a system for reproduction.

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            • i7 3770, latest Intel graphics driver.
            • Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit, fully updated.
            • Shuttle SZ77R5, latest BIOS.
            • Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit, fully updated.
            • Kingston Hyper X Blu 8 GB (2x4GB Modules) 1600MHz DDR3 KHX1600C9D3B1K2/8GX
            • Acer AL2416W


            Shuttle is also trying to replicate, but with a 3770K, so no luck.


            Overvolting the 4000 GPU +50mv makes things worse, and the pauses longer and more frequent. Shuttle BIOS do not allow undervolting, so that's not an option.


            It happens when idle and blinks. When it happens while running a game, it kills the display until I remote desktop in to reset it. As soon as I do the login screen comes back on the screen. I also remember noticing it running at 1920x1200 x 59hz at one point. 59hz being an odd thing to do since no display does that.


            Really hope this is fixable with a driver, as I've already migrated everything to the new machine, so I'd greatly prefer a new driver to having to RMA/return.

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              Thank you for the reply, and for your efforts to get at the bottom of this. I know we all appreciate it.


              I was one of the first to reply to the the thread and so I've got a bunch of information about my setup & experiences peppered throughout the conversation. Here is my first post, which contains my setup information:

              Jon wrote:


              Though some of the details vary, I have had a somewhat similar experience with my Lenovo ThinkPad T430s laptop running Intel HD 4000 Graphics. It is brand new, just received a few days ago.


              My setup is as follows:

              - Dell U2711 2560x1440 external display, connected via DisplayPort

              - ThinkPad T430s with  i7-3520, 16GB Ram, Samsung 830 256GB SATA3 SSD

              - Windows 7 x64 Professional

              - Intel HD 4000 Graphics (Driver

              - ThinkPad sitting in docking station


              In the few days I've had the system, I have had the Dell display go completely black. Other times, it goes black with some small (few pixels wide or tall) stripes of colored pixels (red is most noticeable) around the left and top edge of the screen. It would happen intermittently, and strangely enough only on the external Dell display over DisplayPort. In the time the Dell display goes black, the integrated display on the ThinkPad is still operational (I can move my cursor over to that screen and see it fine).


              The way I'm able to get the display back is by either:

              - disconnecting the laptop from the dock, then popping it back on

              - turning off the external display and then turning back on

              - unplugging the cable and then plugging back in


              Once, today, it the picture came back on by itself after a few seconds (more similar to the behavior you're experiencing and describing it seems).


              All drivers are up to date, and this is a brand-new machine. I was using a ThinkPad T410s with discrete NVIDIA Optimus graphics, with the entire setup (docking station, cables, Dell monitor) identical. The only thing that's changed is the new system with Intel HD 4000 Graphics.


              Edit: For what it's worth, I this has been happening a few times a day, and it almost seems to happen pretty consistently when I click on a link or do something in my browser (I'm using FireFox 13.0.1). It could be that I spend much of my day in a browser so it shouldn't be surprising; but I have noticed on more than one occasion that the moment I click the mouse the screen goes black.

              There is also an image I posted of what my screen will look like some of the times (the red stripe on the left and the multi-colored pixel groupings along the top). Please let me know if you need any additional information to help replicate the issue.


              Thank you again for the reply.

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                I borrowed an AOC 2436 - 1920x1080x60, so less vertical than the Acer AL2416W - 1920x1200x60. No blanking at all.


                Trying more things with the Acer AL2416W, it seems to want to go into 59hz mode, but still has the problem, though it seems like less often, hard to say. Diablo 3 is reliably able to cause the display to turn off in a few seconds. Remote desktop in, which turns it back on and gives the login screen. Also if I run it in lower resolutions it still has the blanking, so it doesn't seem to depend on the resolution specifically.


                So it seems to be related to the display. Given that a number of the people posting here are using high end displays, I wouldn't just chalk it up to a cheap display problem. So it appears I have a monitor I can't really use with the new system, and there are a list of others that potentially won't work any better.


                On the plus side, detecting the issue and forcing the hardware to behave is hopefully something you can fix from the driver.

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                  I recently created the following build (all hardware used is listed):


                  CPU: Intel core i7 3770K

                  CPU Cooler: Stock Intel Cooler

                  Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LK

                  PSU: CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2 - 430W

                  RAM: EVO CORSA Series 16GB (2x8GB), Model: GOC316GB1600C10DC

                  Optical Drive: ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner

                  SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3/120G 2.5" 120GB SATA III

                  Monitors: 2 x ASUS VE228 (1920x1080 resolution @ 60Hz)

                  OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64


                  Everything is running at stock speeds. I have all the latest drivers installed.


                  I also experience this flickering problem (screen randomly for ~1 second... occurs more often when watching videos) if and only if I use the 2 monitors. When I use a single monitor I don't experience any problems at all.


                  Edit: Here is a good description of what I experience - http://superuser.com/questions/431401/weird-glitches-on-intel-igpu

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                    Searching the web for answers, I discovered changing the GPU voltage may help. So I decided to give it a shot.


                    I first set the GPU voltage to 1V and saw absolutely no flickering on the monitor using DVI. Still some flickering (but significantly less) on the other monitor which uses HDMI.

                    Hopefully this helps some of you guys out there.

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                      I found out one of my sticks of RAM was defective (causing BSODs and failing memtest). I removed that stick and the other stick tested without errors. Since then no flickers whatsoever, even after reseting BIOS to default voltages & settings. I was able to play games (Portal for example) on all max settings and watch videos without visual problems or flickering so I'm considering this solved on my end. So I wonder if it was somehow the defective RAM that was causing the flickers.

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                        Actually quite possible as some system memory gets picked for using as video memory.  If the memory was faulty or not working in some way and that part of the memory was being used for graphics, it would could be causing the graphics GPU to crash and reboot.  During reboot or re-initialisation you see a black screen for a short time.





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                          UPDATE II


                          I replaced the defective RAM stick and ran memtest x86+ v5.0. No errors at all over several hours of testing. No more BSODs and I'm able to run prime95 completely without problems.


                          So what's the problem? The flicker returned as soon as I added that second stick of RAM (16GB total). No flickers or problems at all when I only use 1 stick (8GB).

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                            Hi Everyone,


                            I just wanted to post an update as to my experience with this issue. It sounds like others are still having this frustrating issue occur. Per my earlier frustrated post (targeted at Intel and its then-lack of interaction in this thread), I had been experiencing the screen black-out a few dozen times a day on my ThinkPad T430s laptop. Having this happen on a business system is unacceptable.


                            Robert_U at Intel reached out to me and took a very patient, concerted stance in helping me try to get at the core of what I was experiencing. In one of his emails he mentioned that it was difficult to troubleshoot because every case seemed to be different. In my case, I couldn't change my CPU voltage or tweak any of the settings that many desktop users were able to (which subsequently fixed the issue for some users).


                            I had been using  the Lenovo System Update utility to ensure my drivers were up to date. It turns out, the Lenovo System Update utility didn't have the latest BIOS update listed. It wasn't until Robert_U at Intel pointed out that I didn't have the latest BIOS. Though it was a very minor version number change, after downloading and installing the latest BIOS the issue completely went away.


                            I've used the system in the same setting for the past week and haven't had a single occurrence! I am completely ecstatic about that, especially since the issue was so prevalent before. I may never know what was changed in the BIOS to address the issue. This is also a good lesson for me as I should have been more diligent in my own research and ensuring I was running the latest version of everything I could.


                            Robert_U at Intel really stepped up, and took what was one of the worst technology experiences I've had, and turned it into one of the best customer service wins I've experienced. Thanks, Robert!


                            For those still experiencing the issue, I'd encourage you to look at the motherboard/BIOS/settings as a key component in the potential cause of your issue. I was so convinced it was a Windows driver problem, and a simple BIOS update proved me wrong.

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                              Hi mmunir


                              What BIOS rev is on your board?

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                                I have the exact same issue. Every so often my displayport monitors (not at the same time) will go black for 1 second and then come back. It happens very randomly, though it always seems to happen at the same time as a key press, mouse movement, or mouse click, though that could be a red haring.


                                Here are my system specs:

                                Dell Optiplex 9010 w/ i7-3770 (bios ver. A05)

                                16gb ram (corsair cmx16gx3m2a1333c9)

                                2x Dell U2412M's on display port native

                                1x Dell P2411H on vga

                                • 88. Re: Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker

                                  FINAL UPDATE

                                  I had BIOS rev 0404 which was the latest one up until a few days ago! I recently updated to the latest release rev 0812 (released on August 9, 2012) and the flickering vanished completely.

                                  Problem Solved!

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                                    Outstanding, thanks for the update.

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