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    S5000XVN and >16gb RAM


      Got an S5000XVN running dual 2.83ghz E5440's and currently 16gb of Hynix ECC 667, 4x 4gb PC2 5300. Damn thing is a beast!


      I got 4 more identical 4gb memory sticks and when I put them in, i get the solid amber light of death at POST. I'm running in RAS Disabled and the sticks are A1 A2 and B1 B2 (the blue ones)


      If I put any more in it, even 1gb sticks, it hangs. I know these do 32gb and I would like to double up to host a website. In the documentation it states that it only supports 16gb as mirrored but im not running them mirrored, at least I don't think I am.


      Also the tech documentation was kind of vague on whether or not it supports X-series cpus. Would be nice to have 16 logical processors (as if 8 wasn't enough)