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        Carlos Mora

        AT the End I have now an RMA from Intel. 

        • 91. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support

          Bios update 0525


          Indeed no more yellow bang and USB recognition. Still slow boot and hang at boot with code 58 for a minute. Boot total time over 3 minutes (with 3930k, SSD boot drive, Win 7 64).


          With USB optimization boot in less than 1 minute, but since I have a wireless USB keyboard, no keyboard available during boot.


          For now a good improvement.


          If we could improve the hang at code 58 and quicker USB device recognition when "USB optimization" is disabled it would be perfect.


          Thanks for this update.

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            Booth Harris



            Speedyffw correctly characterizes my experience of the Bios 0525 "fix" in detail and the concluding "if we could improve..." sentence is also right on the money except I wouldn't have said "perfect" but "as presumably intended". 


            Will keep my fingers crossed that the full fix will come soon...meanwhile, it's finally nice to have a functioning MB, even if not quite optimal as yet.



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              HI, I am having hte same isse with USB 2.0 port, if I plug in my phone to the USB 2.0 port, at boot, it would stuck at 9B, I have to unplug hte phone, hit Ctl + Alt + Del to reboot the compjuter, then it would boot up just fine.


              This is with BIOS 525, 3960x CPU stock speed, AND 32gb Kingston 1600Mhz rams (8x8gb)



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                 speedyffw  Community Member



              " However if any device is plugged in any of the back panel USB 3.0 ports (tested with ext. hard drive and card reader) at boot it can take up to more than a minute at 9B and 58. The hardware is not recognized and I have the yellow bang."

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                Soooo Chris.... any updates on the Visual BIOS??

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                  Bob Thew

                  I have had same issue for about 6 months now and have had enough.at what point will intel start taking these (DX79SI) boards back for one that works!!

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                    Bob Thong



                    Do you have a date when the new BIOS will be released. I think I speak for everyone when I say. "Enough is enough". Will Intel start taking RMA's on these boards cause our business is sick of all the finicky bits going on with this board. I knew I should of stuck with AMD!!

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                      Mathew Burazin

                      I have a DX79TO and I am finding that the Renasas USB 3.0 Host Controller keeps dropping out after every ShutDown which is very annoying especailly when I have Dropbox adn Skydrive running from it. All my External Drives plugged into the back USE 3.0 ports become unaccessable.


                      Windows 7 SP1 64bit (Fully Windows Updated)


                      I have tried using the driver fomr the Intel site and no change in fact the the version number seems to remain at after installing the new driver.


                      Is there anyway without Disabling and

                      USB 3 disable.png

                      and then re-enabling this driver each time I reboot to alleviate this issue?


                      I am also running the latest Drivers;

                      BIOS - SIX7910J.86A.0553.EB.EXE


                      Chipsets -


                      There is also a v2.1.39.0 driver located here, is it safe to use/try?




                      Your thoughts please as this is very frustrating?


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                        Chen Yu-Nien

                        Bump for justice

                        Having the same problem as Mathew for months now, quite annoy.

                        I have updated my BIOS to the October release, and the fast boot "fix"

                        did not solve anything. Also two of the three PCI-E slots are still acting up

                        and can not be hooked up with video cards or will otherwise crash the entire system.

                        Support PLX?

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                          Having a lot of problems with my dx79si board. Lots of memory issues I had to clock down my memory from 1600 to 1333 to increase system stability. I am running 2 8gig sticks of corsair 1600. Any of the newer bios 530 and above cause my computer to freeze/hang during video intensive programs. I just went from the newest bios back to 515 hoping to get my system stability back so i can use my computer. I have usb 3.0 disabled in the bios and that seemed to clear up quite a few of the system freezes. Overall, I am very disappointed in my 270 dollar dx79si I already RMA'd one board.  I wouldn't recommend one. really hoping the next bios and fix a lot of the issues this board seems to have.




                          corsair 1600 16 gig (8gig x2)

                          1100 watt Targen PSU


                          intel 520 240 ssd

                          seagate 2tb storage drive.

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                            Hello all, I'm a new Intel Board customer and i'm running the DX79SR. I just UPGRADED from the all so dodgy Rampage 4 Extreme because it was worth peeing on.


                            I'm having the USB 3.0 problem. Yes that's right hasn't gone away, i just read this whole thread. It started after i activated USB Optimization unknown to me of the disaster waiting to happen. 20-30 sec boot times at splash when USB 3.0 64GB stick plugged in, stuck on message 5A, 58 or 9B or all of them as i've seen. The fix is to disable and re-enable from Device Manager. But now, Memory/IMC related BSODs and CANNOT run my RAM in XMP @ 2400Mhz at all without failed post. Ran good in XMP for a while then BSOD in ntoskrnmp.sys and ntfs.sys then failed post then USB 3.0 rooted. Lovely. Also my HD7970 stopped working and had to be RMA'd. NOT HAPPY INTEL. I am experienced in OCing and had big problems with R4E so went with Intel for reliability then THIS. What can man do, by a DELL?!?!?!


                            Now the USB problem anyway why i'm here: It's plugged in to my Chassis - Thermaltake Level 10 GT LCS - 2 slpts on top of case. Never had a problem before, now my whole system is bung from stupid USB optimization - had to be that because that was all i changed looking for a faster boot, running at stock settings (3960x @3.3 - 3.9 Turbo) and XMP. 


                            Any feedback from Intel would be great. Unlike ASUS - 10 weeks for an RMA on a Laptop in Australia. MY GOD.

                            • 101. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support

                              I have also experienced strange USB and LAN behaviour with this board, (I've had to RMA one as well.)


                              I generally only use INTEL boards, this one has been a disappointment and cost me a lot of $$$ supporting my customer.


                              Some HID USB2 devices suddenly became unusable, no mice would be recognised in Windows -- then wiped drive and installed forensic Linux distro and no keyboard would be recognised except a really old PS/2 emulator. Only get them working again by total RECOVERY BIOS wipe and total operating system reinstall.


                              Initial INF install resulted in black screen and reset. Got it to work by logging in with Remote Desktop and running the INF installer there,


                              VERY STRANGE

                              • 102. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support

                                Why is this USB 3.0 Event error not solved yet?

                                Driver PCI returned Invalid ID for a child device (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF00)

                                It does not appear with the 0537 bios, but it is back with the 0553 and 0559 bios.

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                                  I have DX79SI motherboard and I am having issues with my USB 3.0 ports.  They have completely stopped working now.  I have tried reinstalling the driver from intel site.  I have the latest bios:  SIX7910J.86A.0594.  Is there a solution for this problem?  My back up disk was connected to it.  It worked for a couple of days and then quit.  I have tio connected to the USB 2.0 port now.  I also tried the version driver from the web but it did not solve the issue.  How can I get back my USB 3.0 ports?




                                  Ram R

                                  • 104. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support

                                    I went ahead and uninstalled the USB3 ports and controller.  When I scanned for new hardware, it found the ports but could not find the driver.  I went ahead and installed the latest driver again and that seems to have brought the ports back.  Let me see if this sticks or not.

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