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        What a great support of Intel?! Closing a thread without any reason is a sign for bad support!

        Wake up Intel and fix the issue!

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          It seems that chipset Q77 has the same issue like H77 chipset. Please fix it Intel.

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            i think we should put more pressure on Intel.

            Report that issue to your favorit compter magazine...


            I will contact the magazin "CT" in germany.

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              I had compile all the victims whose TV tuner card no longer works on the 7 series motherboard below.


              Bear in mind not every single person on Earth who encounter this problem will post it right here. Looking at this huge number of threads and consider not many people own TV tuner card I can safely say this matter is very serious especially to TV fans !


              I hope those staying in USA, Europe will take legal actions and complain to major PC magazine to slam their motherboard.



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                New feedback from Digital devices concerning this issue (DD is a german manufacturer of DVB devices: digitaldevices.de)

                [translated via google]


                "Regarding the DH77DF there are probably some problems, the query during the boot process is too fast and the card is not always recognized correctly. In a PCie x1 slot it would work with the chipset, for the x16 slot the board is not waiting long enough, so that the card is not recognized at boot time. Our Mini PCIe devices work (eg DuoFlex mini PCIe S2).  I hope Intel gets out a new BIOS soon, as this is a problem on the motherboard. The PCIe device on our DVB cards, as with other manufacturers, need a few milliseconds to report themselves before it starts, and its configuration. The BIOS does not give the card the time to initialize. The PCIe x16 is directly connected to the CPU, the PCIe x1 slot and the mini PCI slot are connected through the chipset , which give the cards the time to register."


                Dear Intel: the solution is so simple: Please modifiy the Bios that it gives the cards in the PCIe X16 slot enought time to register.

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                  Do you have the direct link to the article because I cannot see it !!!


                  Anyway great job in complaining to DD website about this. It shows how incompetent the fella who comes up with all this broken driver for Intel. I guess Intel must have cut cost and hire some lousy programmer to do the bios !

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                    I have a TV card from Digital Devices and tried to get it stable on the DH77DF for a few months... with no luck. I'm in contact with DD-Support and they gave me a similar answer like Johannes posted.


                    I hope that Intel bring us a Bios-Update soon.

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                      No thanks to Intel now so many people cannot record the London Olympic Game or watch via their PC !!!

                      I give up waiting for Intel slow tardy respond and I go and buy a USB TV tuner instead and suffer a huge loss selling my Leadtek PCIe TV card no thanks to the idiotic Intel bios engineer.



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                        @playst it was no article but a email from the technical support form DD

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                          i arlready sent all my findings to the german computer magazine "CT", i really hope they react and kick Intels a**

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                            Thanks Johannes for helping TV tuner fans like us to kick Intel's *** ! I stay in Asia and the best I can do is to raise a complain ticket to Intel but they just close the case and ask me to contact my TV card manufacturer + point to their stupid Intel website which shows only a miserable few tested hardware (as those, those are the only hardware available on the planet earth) + telling me to get hardware manufactured after their motherboard was release.


                            I hope those staying in USA and Europe with greater consumer power do something to them !


                            Complain to DD that they keep on trying to shift the blame to the TV card manufactured. Yah right so many different TV PCIe card of different brands all cannot work. If 1 or 2 person complain I had nothing to say. So many people complaining and Intel still want to deny it is not their fault !!!



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                              Bump for today, cause Intel still did not react, because they are ignoring their customers and/or feel guilty and are ashamed.

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                                I really hope this issue will be solved  within the next few days...


                                Mediacenter PC / HTPC is ready to run, but the key feature, an PCIe DVB-S2 Tuner does not work on it!!!


                                I'm not willing to buy an USB Solution for an high priced executive mainboard!


                                ( DQ77KB, i32100T, 2x4GB SODIMM, TEVI S471, INTEL 320 SDD, LG Slimline Slot IN BD / DVD Drive)

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                                  I think, next BIOS Update will come with the release of the Core i3 Ivy Bridge CPU's in september and i really hope, that this issue will be solved then! It would be nice, if INTEL could give a short statement1