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    WiDi requirements

    Robert Meade

      We are in the process of configuring laptops.  We will be using i7-2760QM cpus and Centrino Advanced-N WiMAX 6250 wireless cards and W7Pro 64-bit OS.  Will these laptops be WiDi capable with the installation of the necessary drivers and software?

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          Hello Robert, thank you for your post.

          I believe also answered this through email, but just in case see below:

          The support we offer through interactive channels (Phone, chat, email, forum) is for end users with pre-installed systems. For integrator or design information you would contact your channel representative (if you are an Intel® channel partner) or the application engineer from the distributor, see the link below for a list of Intel® Authorized Distributors:


          For general end user support we need the user’s system to comply with the following requirements:


          The processor you mention is not listed, but as long as you do not disable the graphics that are built in by using a separate graphics card (or create a system with switchable graphics) then the processor would support the feature. See the processor supported features at the link below:


          In this case we cannot tell for sure if the system you are building will work since the computer manufacturers need to test their integration before they may advertize their system as WiDi ready.

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            I don't understand why the product pages indicate WiDi as a supported feature for so many processors but the System Requirements page lists only a select few.


            I have an i5-2450M with HD Graphics 3000 and Centrino Wireless-N 1030 running Windows 7 64bit.  The software did not come pre-loaded on my system.  Is there any reason I could not install software and drivers and use WiDi or is that not possible?