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        What is the serial number of your DX79SI ? I have the exact same problems with waking up this mobo, I have a 3960x,  version: AAG28808-600,  and I am using BIOS 0515.

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          Hi there

          AAG28808-600: i think thats the board number where i have exact the same one.The serial numebr was: SN BTSI201000S5.

          Bios was 0494


          The Replacement board that works well rigth now has the same boardnumber but i cant check teh serial numebr rigth now..



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            hi S22, can your new board wake up from auto initiated sleep ?

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              Yes it can.


              - initiated by the computer itselve or

              - initiatet by myselfe but only via power button


              at  the beginning i had serveral problems to bring the computer in sleepmode (autoinitiated) but this was network card related.



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                So the failures were due to a faulty dx79si ?

                what bios are you using now ?  what are some of your power settings ?



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                  Yes, most issues where related to the faulty board.


                  Currently i am using 0525 (newest version).


                  Powert settings of my board or my Windows?


                  After getting the new board i changed nothing of the default power configuration.

                  I only disabled some boot settings but i will have a detailed look on my  settings...



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                    David Hardaway

                    Here is my solution to the sleep problem. Below is the email communication with Intel Support regarding this issue:


                    Intel received the following email from  you:

                    Re: {ticketno:[8000480038]} - Your Intel Customer Support Inquiry


                    Thank you for your advice and options for trouble  shooting. We found a solution to the sleep issue by replacing the  motherboard with the ASUS P9X79 Pro.
                    All of the steps below have been addressed.  3  different power supplies, different RAM configurations, default settings in  bios, latest BIOS updated, custom settings, all drivers checked and triple  checked update?  ALL result in system hang on sleep where hibernation is  turned off.  The machine, like many others in forums all over the internet  will not use S3 sleep mode without crashing or hanging either on first or second  try... it behaved the exact same way no matter what was tried.
                    I would like to say something that I hope you can  take to a meeting and discuss with your colleagues. You are dealing with a  LONG time Intel fan.  I have built MANY systems over the years and not once  did I ever have an issue like this.  The one time I recommend an Intel  board to a friend, it fails miserably and caused at least 40 hours between us of  late night trouble shooting and time and gas wasted on trips to the PC store  thinking "it can't be the Intel board".  I am furious about this and I will  most likely never buy an Intel made board again as a result. We are exhausted  and frustrated with a ruined experience of building your own machine from the  "finest" quality components only to have the joy that comes with complete  install to become a nightmare of 2 am endless hour of stress trying to figure  out how to make something work the way it should right out of the  box.
                    Intel needs to pay attention to the forums and stop  acting like its the customers fault and that they don't have the capacity to  make sure things are correctly matched and setup properly.  The BIOS in the  DX79si is dysfunctional and LAME.
                    Former Intel Board User
                    David Hardaway
                    Here are just a few similar complaints. 
                    ----- Original Message -----
                    Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 3:22   PM
                    Subject: {ticketno:[8000480038]} - Your   Intel Customer Support Inquiry
                    Hello   David,
                    Thank you for contacting Intel   Customer Support.
                    This email is regarding the   DX79SI motherboard that is having issues when it is on sleep   mode.
                    There are some other   troubleshooting steps I would like to suggest:
                    1)        I   recommend updating all the drivers, I recommend installing the chipset driver   first.  Drivers can be found in   the following link: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=%22DX79SI%22
                    2)        Other troubleshooting steps I   recommend is testing the system with just one memory module at a time.  I recommend trying at least two memory   modules but, always one at a time.
                    3)        We   have identified different issues between some Corsair power supplies and our   motherboards so; if it is possible for you to use another power supply from   another manufacturer it would be great.
                    4)        I   recommend testing the system in basic configuration which is using just   processor, processor fan, one stick of RAM, power supply, monitor, keyboard,   mouse and the Hard Drive.  I   recommend disconnecting everything else like other SATA drives, USB drives,   etc.
                    5)        I   would like to know if you get any error message or any sound coming from the   motherboard when the issue happens.
                    Important note: Should you need   further assistance from us regarding your inquiry, we would highly appreciate   if you could simply reply to this email of ours, instead of sending a brand   new email, unless it is a different issue/inquiry.  Thus, we will be avoiding duplicate   incoming emails, and we will not lose track of the email   thread.
                    Name Removed
                    Intel Technical Support  
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                      I bought this board (DX79SI) earlier this week and experienced the same problems described above.  After much experimentation, it looks to me like the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is the culprit.


                      I start with a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, no patches applied.  Latest BIOS and drivers (as of 7/20) from the Intel Website.  Latest versions of IDU and XTU installed.


                      After booting, but before running XTU, sleep works fine.  I can successfully put my machine to sleep manually, and it will sleep successfully per the Windows sleep settings.  Wakes up with a keyboard press every time.  Sleeps and wakes up successfully with hybrid and non-hybrid sleep modes.  I have run through all these steps multiple times, and have had no issues.


                      Next, start XTU.  Then exit.  No need to do any tweaking or run any stress tests.  Simply start the program, and then exit.


                      Manually put the system to sleep, and the problems begin, exactly as several have described in this thread.  The power button blinks, the screen goes black, but the fans continue to run.  The only escape from this state is to turn off the power supply, or hold the power button to turn off the power.


                      This is easily repeatable with both the current and previous versions of XTU.


                      I haven't reported this to Intel support yet, but plan to do so.  In the meantime, I'd be curious to know if anyone else can replicate my steps above, with or without success.


                      My system:




                      16 GB (4x4) Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1600

                      Intel 330 SSD (120 GB)

                      EVGA GTX 480



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                        Thanks Sean,


                        I will try what you did and uninstall the XTU.


                        One more thing, are you able to change the boot drive priority ? With bios 515 and 525, i am not able the change the sequence of the boot priority, it always go for the optical drive, then USB then hard drive With optical drive and usb boot disabled, the hard drive boot priority can not be changed neither (I have 3 hard drives installed).


                        As for the wake up from sleep, I am currently have hibernation enabled, so everytime the comptuer goes to sleep, i will press on the power button till it shuts off, then turn it back on, WIndows will 'resume' from hibernation...

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                          I just tried waking up computer from a manually sleep:

                               1. with XTU installed, ( but the program itself isn't started), Start - sleep

                               2. Windows will close. approx. 10 secs later, all hardware shuts down.

                               3.. press any keys, windows wakes up and goes right into the login page


                          With XTU running, i am able to wake up windows from user initiated sleep as well.

                          However, with windows initiated sleep, i am not able to wake up the computer whatsoever, the only to wakes it up is to press and hold on the power button until it goes into hibernation, then power it back on again, 


                          (note, if hibernation is turned off (powercfg.exe /hibernate off ),   pressing and hold on the power button will cause windows to shut off, and when you restart it, windows will complain it did not shut down properly)



                          my setup:

                          Windows Power Options:

                          sleep - sleep after 30mins

                                    - allow hybrid sleep: on

                                    - hibernate after "never"

                                    - Allow wake timers: Enabled

                          Power buttons and lid - Power button action: Hibernate

                                                          - Sleep button action: Sleep


                          BIOS: SIX7910J.86A.0525.2012.0709.1221

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                            Interesting, I haven't tried hiberbate mode, either before or after starting XTU.  I'll try that and see what happens.  But Sleep and Hybrid Sleep definitely appear to be getting screwed by something XTU is doing.  I've tested multiple additional times since I posted, and it's perfectly repeatable:  Works fine before starting XTU, goes into "zombie" mode after starting XTU.


                            On the boot order, I haven't tried changing it.  Mine's been in UEFI Boot mode from Day 1, so I always hit F10 at the BIOS Splash Screen to select an alternate boot device if I need to.  With UEFI enabled, I think the BIOS will only consult the boot order list if it doesn't find any UEFI-bootable devices.

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                              "(note, if hibernation is turned off (powercfg.exe /hibernate off ),   pressing and hold on the power button will cause windows to shut off, and when you restart it, windows will complain it did not shut down properly)"


                              @ sumyumguy: pressing and holding the power button for >4 sec  is no winodws shut down. its a hard switch off of all powers done by the motehrboard (or psu...i dont know exactly).


                              So the windows message that it did not shut down proper is correct.


                              By the way i did flash to  bios 5.25 but with that after waking up my computer from hibernation it took about 1 min and my computer was getting slower and slower (i heard it during playing a movie. was kinda fun :-) and computer froze. only a hard switch off by holding the power button >4 sec helped out.


                              So i did go back to 4,92 and all is working well so far (from hibernation point of view)


                              I never installed XTU but had installed Intel desktop utils some times. At that time I thought that the smbus driver caused some instability and deinstalled the utils.


                              MY Windows Power Options:

                              sleep - sleep after 15mins

                                        - allow hybrid sleep: off

                                - hibernate after 60min"

                                        - Allow wake timers: Enabled

                              Power buttons and lid - Power button action: Hibernate

                                                              - Sleep button action: Sleep


                              if i allow "hybrid sleep mode":  after waking up from hybernation i get a error message that the firmware of my system (bios of my dx79si )  did not keep the memory allocation table (or something like that).



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                                Well, for what it's worth, I submitted a ticket to Intel on this issue today, with the details of my configuration and how easy it is to consistently reproduce it with XTU.  I've been experimenting with this since last Saturday, and as I mentioned, sleep and hybrid sleep work perfectly as long as I don't run XTU.  Start and exit from XTU, and sleep fails.


                                I don't know if I'll get any kind of response, but if I do, I'll post it here.


                                I've also noticed an issue with RSTe drivers and SMART reporting not working.  But I guess that would be a topic for another thread.

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                                  I just stumbled on this thread...I was having the same issues you describe. In my troubleshooting, I started with msconfig, services tab, hide all Microsoft services, and then I unticked the extreme tuning utility (its status was showing as running). I restarted and then manually selected sleep - success! I woke it up, and let it enter sleep state normally - success! I uninstalled XTU and haven't had a repeat of any sleep issue. I guess I got lucky by picking the XTU first and I don't really miss it.

                                  If you haven't noticed, the new version of RSTe fixes SMART reporting and SSD toolbox functionality.

                                  I'm interested to see what intel's response to this XTU issue is.

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                                    Thanks, appreciate the additionall info!


                                    The XTU issue was a showstopper for me, as I wanted to be able to tune settings within Windows.  So I took advantage of the Microcenter return policy, took the DX79SI board back, and exchanged it for an ASUS P9X79 board instead.  The ASUS Ai II utilities work fine and never seem to cause any similar issues (or any issues at all).


                                    Before deciding to return the Intel board, I did open a case with Intel support, but haven't heard a peep from them.


                                    The RSTe issue is also present with the ASUS board, as I'm sure all the board manufacturers use the Intel-provided drivers.  I'll give the new driver a try, sounds like it will help.  Just to confirm, it's, released August 9?


                                    Thanks again!