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    "Off-Label" mobo & CPU combinations . . .


      Has anyone had any direct experience with a Xeon E3 or E5 processor and an Extreme Series desktop board?  Yes, I know this is "off-label" and likely not supported by Intel.  The sockets are compatible, so it's basically a question of whether the BIOS and chipset will properly recognize the Xeon CPU with the Xeon-specific processor features not found in the i7 or i5 processors.


      My particular application requires the additional management, etc. features of the Xeon E3 and E5.  It would be ideal if the newly released mobos could also run Xeon processors.


      Any ideas?




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          If the processor is included on the official processor list, it will work as expected but if you are looking to install a processor that is not included on the motherboard's processors list; it will not work even if they have the same socket. This is because differences in electronic specifications for the processors.