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    HD 4000 - no PCM audio after resuming from standby


      Consider the following scenario:

      - Driver version 2761 is installed (with Display Audio Driver:

      - HDMI is connected to AMP with full audio capabilities (PCM/Dolby Digital/DTS/Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD MA)

      - In Windows Media Center, play content with Dolby Digital audio

      - Then switch to content with 2 channel PCM audio

      - Put the computer in standby mode

      - Resume (wake) from standby mode

      There now is a high chance (~50%) that 2 channel PCM does not work anymore. You will not here Media Center navigation sounds and you will not be able to play PCM content. Also the standard Windows sounds are not heard (like Explorer navigation "clicks").

      To restore PCM playback, I have found the following to work:

      - Play content with Dolby Digital audio. After that, 2 channel PCM works again

      - Shortly disconnect HDMI cable


      Some more information:

      - Tested on Intel Core i5 3570K on an Asus P8Z77-M motherboard

      - Clean Windows 7 64 bit installation using just Windows Media Center and no other player or codecs

      - The amplifier and TV stay switched on during the test


      In the release notes of driver version 2761 it says:

      "Resolved issue where sound may not be heard after waking the computer from Sleep state."

      Might this issue be related to my problem?