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    Does "Intel(R) Gigabit CT2 Desktop Adapter" support IPv6?



      Does "Intel(R) Gigabit CT2 Desktop Adapter" support IPv6?

      I use the newest driver "",but it seems not work in ipv6. While my colleague work well,his network adapter is "

      Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC".

      My OS is Window XP sp3, same as my colleague.

      I have check all config information again and again.

      Thanks for your help.

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          All Intel Ethernet adapters support IPv6.


          Mark H

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            I recall having this challenge with XP a couple of years ago.  I seem to recall that XP doesnt' have support for IPv6 built in and I had to install the ANS (Advanced Network Services) package when I installed the latest and greatest intel drivers.


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              I have tried down load and install Advanced Networking Pack (KB817778),but it is only for SP1.

              It was told that Advanced Networking Pack have been integrated in SP2.

              In fact, i want to know where was wrong happened,OS or driver.

              Now belows are confirmed:

              1. I can capture NS packet with WIRESHARK,and no NA packet as response.

              2. No packet reach LanSwitch(I connect PC to embed system direct,and i can check whether Lanswitch receive packet.)

              Does these represent that this issue relative to adapter driver?

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                The ANS (Advanced Network Services) package mentioned by Patrick is one of the Intel Network Connections components you can select during installation. By default ANS gets installed along with the base drivers and Intel PROSet for Windows device manager. If you have a VLAN tab and a teaming tab on the adapter properties in Windows device manager, then you have ANS installed. InstallOptions.jpg

                If ANS is not installed, you should install the latest version of Intel Network Connections software and make sure that ANS is selected for install. The latest driver and software package can be downloaded at:



                Configuration of the IPv6 options or something else such as the Windows firewall blocking the packets are items to look at. Try temporarily disabling the firewall on both of the systems to see if that allows the connection to work.


                I read somewhere that the IPv6 stack in Windows XP is not as robust as the stack in newer versions of Windows.You could experiment with disabling IPv4 to see if the IPv6 connection then works in case there is a problem with simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6.


                Mark H

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                  Yes,I have  VLAN tab and teaming tab. I have tried to install the latest driver again and check ANS. Disable IPv4,Reboot system.Firewall had been closed. But nothing changed.

                  My desktop system is Win 7 before. Because of this issue,i asked to change OS to WINDOWS XP,my colleague's OS is windows xp,and his is ok in ipv6.

                  My computer can't receive the packets with 802.1q. of course I have turned on VLAN and priority.

                  By the way,in my company ,my computer is one of the computers bought recently from HP,and all the new computer can't work in IPv6 and VLAN.

                  My colleague's computer I mentioned above is the older one.

                  Do you have any diagnose tool that can check any change in packet before and after the adapter?And if possible,can you mail it to me?Also,it can confirm if the packets reach the adapter.

                  Thank you!

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                    I don't know why you are not getting ipv6 to work. The adapter settings will not block IPv6. If you are using a network sniffer, some fields are stripped by the adapter offloading. To capture VLAN information use MonitorMode registry as explained at http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-005897.htm. You must restart the adapter before the registry changes take affect.


                    I hope this helps.


                    Mark H

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                      Hi Mark,

                      Thanks for you help. as you said "The adapter settings will not block IPv6."  i try to think about some software run in my system,and today,when i disable Symantec endpoint protection, IPv6 works.  It's my fault,i dont think it will block IPv6 before,because my colleague have this software run also.

                      Now,Ipv6 is OK.  of course ,i dont know why my colleague's pc is ok in ipv6 run with that software!  ^_^

                      Thank you again!