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        I've reached a point where I'm visiting Intel's update page 2-3 times a day, every day, looking for a fix. But still nothing. If they can't fix the problem, then at least they should let us know....or try to find a solution to revert to the previous BIOS, the 0028.

        I swear that, if there is no fix within a week from now, I'll order an AMD FX 8150......It's cheaper and BIOS-problems free......and it also support SLI and Crossfire (16x @ 16x, not 8x @ 8x, as with most Intel boards, DZ68BC included......)

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          Another update for the DZ68DB (BIOS 043). Still no news for the DZ68BC

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            This is getting ridiculous.  Update your broken board Intel.  If you can't figure it out, which seems to be the case, outsource the work to ASUS.

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              I'm so disappointed that intel still hasn't released the fixed bios

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                I'm suspicious that Intel is trying to do an update to the BIOS but this mobo is not working. I think Intel should give all consumers who bought this mobo another better one and without hardware failures.( If this mobo has hardware failures and Intel dont tell this to us. )

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                  Since this update i need to disable my drives on Marvell controller because it freezes. I lost all my vacancies working on that bug trying every possible updates, pieces, matches in bios and more!. Im really **** of this stupid bios. I regret to have buy Intel. Next time its Gigabyte. I can't forgive this! 3 months waiting without saying a word, now i take time to give my two cents. Intel deserve to suffer, making me suffer like this. I don't pay 3000$ to get a good computer/equipment to see crap computer working better! Die Intel Die.

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                    I feel so sorry for the DZ68BC owners.....There is no worse feeling than this, especially when your expectations are totally broken....I have the same impression as the one stated above. Intel tries to fix the problem but has difficulties in the BIOS update construction. This must be the οnly possible explenation.Many BIOS updates were posted since the time the problem occured, except for DZ68BC. At least somebody from Intel could make a public statement about that because so many people are in the dark and don't know what to do....

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                      They are just mocking us......if they are not able to release a working BIOS, at least they should give us the possibility to revert to a previous version.

                      Just as a funny thing.....look at what I find on Newegg regarding the DZ68BC:

                      Newegg.com - Intel BOXDZ68BC LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

                      They are saying that it have support for 2 x PCI-Ex 3.0 (16x, if you can belive that.....).....I'm curious who released that video, because it's false advertising (on the official web page clearly say that it has PCI-Ex 2.0).

                      Can't we accuse them of negligence and deliberate misleading of the customers?

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                        BIOS 0028 was stable, it is hard to believe that Intel is not capable of creating a stable BIOS for the DZ68BC. It seems more to be a matter of priority and probably Intel wants to release a 'good' DZ68BC bios (some DZ68DB BIOS 043 fixes seems also applicable to the DZ68BC.)


                        If only a "few" DZ68BC boards are sold compared to other types then the push to create a new BIOS revision is not high

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                          Hey look another BIOS update for a Z77 board.  Then there hasn't been a driver update for the DZ68BC in over a month either.  I'm starting to think they are quietly dropping support for the board.  If you have a busted board with the 0035 BIOS and are hanging onto hope I'd say give up and send the board back.

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                            The Intel announcement at the Top of this Forum indicates that they are still working on it.It's still an active issue. There will be new drivers as well I am sure about that. We can't have updates every week. "Patience is a bitter plant but it gives a sweet fruit" as the german folk says! The new BIOS will come and will make the Board rock sold and stable again, even better than with the 0028 BIOS on it.

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                              I applaud your optimism and I hope that you are right.

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                                I applaud your optimism too. I think this mobo does not support a more updated bios than #028.

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                                  Just went to ASUS and Gigabyte's websites and picked a comparable board to the DZ68BC.


                                  ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe:

                                  6 BIOS files with the latest being dated 5-9-12, one more BIOS update after adding support for Ivy Bridge.


                                  Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3:

                                  10 BIOS files with the latest being dated 3-21-12, one more BIOS updated after adding support for Ivy Bridge.


                                  Just for grins I when to Foxconn's website (the group that builds Intel's boards) and here's what I found.

                                  Foxconn Z68A-S (only Z68 board on their site):

                                  Only shows 1 BIOS file that was released 5-9-12.


                                  Last time I checked Intel is much larger than either one of these companies.  Do they have one guy writing BIOS files for all the Intel branded boards?

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                                    Nobody knows what exactly happen. What is broken through bios update should be fixable through bios update too. Who knows, maybe in a while Intel presents the ultimate DZ68BC BIOS Update which fixes a whole list of bugs and adds 1000% Ivy Bridge support.... the only think that we can do is speculate. I am not a DZ68BC owner my self, thank God I didn't have that bad luck with my DZ68DB and I am happy now and enjoy an overall stable system. But I am curius to see what happens here, so the issue concerns me...

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