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    5U/6U Server Chassis Products

    Peter Spokes

      Hi All,


      Since the SC5600 line of 5U/6U Server Chassis' are due to be discontinued this year are Intel planning to introduce a new range of 5U/6U chassis?




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          The replacement part is the new 4U chassis for the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 series.


          P4216IP4LHJC gives us 16 2.5" hot swap bays while the P4308IP4LHGC gives us 8 3.5" hot swap bays.


          We now have a really good selection of 1U and 2U rack mount and 4U pedestal/rack mount systems available to us.



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            The new P4308IP4LHGC and P4216IP4LHKC are two examples of a 4U dual E5-2600 series server system that gives us 8x 3.5" hot swap bays and 16x 2.5" hot swap bays respectively.


            The new 4U pedestal configuration is an excellent platform to work from.