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    Z77A RAID Issue

    Scott M



      Just got a new MSI MoBo and wanted to RAID1 my two WD Caviar Black HDDs. However, everytime I enable RAID and reboot it goes to a black screen with two "Z"s randomly placed in the middle. Once I get to the "black screen", it will only boot to that screen afterwards and needs a CMOS reset to fix. I have tried everything I can think of, but always get the same results. I have successfully installed Windows 7 on one of the drives with AHCI mode enabled, and have also had IDE mode work fine... but as soon as I enable RAID - black screen.


      Everything else on the board seems to be fine. Anyone have any ideas?



      MSI Z77A-G45 mobo

      Intel i5-3570 CPU

      Coolermaster Hyper 212+ EVO

      8GB Crucial DDR3-1600

      EVGA 560Ti 448 Core Classified (Primary)

      XFX 260GTX XXX Ed. (Physx)

      2 x WD Caviar Black Dual-Proc HDDs

      LG DVD Super-Multi Burner

      Silverstone Decathalon 850W PSU

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

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          Hi there!

          The problem you have described does not seem to be an issue with Intel® Rapid Storage, at this stage, try updating RAID BIOS or option ROM (OROM), make sure to contact MSI and get an updated BIOS with OROM updated.

          Then try again, if the problem remains, it could be an issue with the on board RAID controller.




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            Scott M

            FIXED -  Ended up reflashing the BIOS, which restored the RAID utility. BTW, my G15 keyboard would not register the CTRL-I to get into the utility... I had to use a PS/2 keyboard, which required a CMOS reset in order to recognize. Just posting this in case anyone else runs into this.

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              Normally, you can't just change to RAID mode from IDE or AHCI even with Intel's AHCI/RAID driver installed, on an OS installation that was not done in RAID mode. The usual result of doing that is a BSOD on reboot. Check this link for more information:



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                Scott M

                Thanks parsec, I already knew that... I was actually trying to make a fresh install but couldn't get the RAID working... I just mentioned that it was working in AHCI and IDE modes to show my HDD and Windows were working OK.  Thanks for the help though.  :-)