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        Just bought a top of the line Dell XPS One 27'' with i7-3770S and 16GB 1600MHz RAM


        Internal monitor 27'' at 2560x1440 and

        Older HP monitor 24'' at 1920x1200 hooked up via HDMI


        I have Intel HD Graphics 4000 and Nividia GeForce GT 640M and am having this issue where the internal monitor goes blank black for a few seconds about every 30 seconds and on occasion the external is doing it as well. Removing the secondary/external monitor solves the issue but my 3 year old Core 2 Duo computer had no issue driving two monitors.

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          Hey Russell,


          I just bought the same setup, and funny enough, have the same problem.  I am about to send it back.  A real shame, I remember when intel built good stuff.


          Thanks for posting, now I know I am not losing my mind.



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            I'm not sure if it's an Intel problem or Dell, I think it's a Dell issue.


            Read this (the comments too)

            A single Dell XPS 14 drives a technology reviewer crazy | The Verge

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              So here are some interesting facts on my system:


              I am running a second monitor at 2560x1440 along with the 2710 at 2560x1440.  This setup causes great pain and suffering because of the screen blanking out so frequently.  I tried ThrottleStop beta and noticed a spike in the C0% before each drop out then immediately after the screen returns it goes to near 0.  The spike can get as high as 20.0.  I figured for fun I would try adjusting the 2710 display resolution to 1920x1080 and everything has been stable since.  Mind you that is only a few hours at this point, but still.  I am quite certain this is a driver issue since it is limited to higher resolutions only.  I am still angry about this since the reason I bought the machine was the higher resolution display.  I will call Dell to register yet another complaint to see if they can put pressure on whoever to fix this.


              Thought I would share.

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                I've had similar experience, where my high-res 27" (Dell U2711 @ 2560x1440) blacks out quite often now (sometimes every few minutes). This is in contrast with my 24" (Dell U2410 @ 1920x1080) where it's only blanked out once or twice.


                There definitely seems to be something with the higher resolution that instigates the behavior.

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                  I'm not sure how that Verge thread sheds much light on the issues we're having here. I'm running a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and other folks have built their own systems, so I'm not sure how it would be a Dell issue. A lot of us are using Dell monitors, I have had no issues whatsoever with mine prior to this new system with the Intel HD4000 graphics. Also, another person here has mentioned similar issues when using an HP external display so the only thing we have in common here is the Intel HD 4000 graphics, and multiple displays (at least one of which is high-resolution).

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                    Do you have any updates for us on the engineers' progress on identifying and rectifying this issue? It is happening for me a dozen-plus times a day, and seeing as how this is a business machine it's been incredibly disruptive (not to mention annoying).


                    Any updates would be much-appreciated.

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                      I just noticed this to some channels too... any update will be appreciated!

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                        Hello everyone

                        I am also running HD 4000 with a 3770S with the latest intel drivers on a P8Z77V motherboard and am having occasionnally fatal crashes with a patchwork of red motives over my windows screen, and the computer freezes. I can only push reset button to restart it all. It has already happened two times while only using the web browser (IE9).

                        I will try to reinstall my old Geforce 9800GT to see if it solves the problem but would really like to be able to use my onboard graphics (I fear the noise of the graphics card fan).

                        (I have been using my two corsair DDR3 XMS9 rams for several years without having a single problem on my former P6TSE with core I7 950).

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                          Are there any updates? The issue happened 3 times on my way to this thread. This is beyond frustrating, and really unacceptable.


                          I feel that without any signal as to the cause and remedy, I will have to return this laptop. The experience is quite terrible, especially as it regularly interrupts my work.

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                            Ya, me too.  I have three machines that I just bought for my company.  I paid extra for the high resolution because we do a lot with CAD and other design work.  If Intel cant at least let me(us) know the plan for correcting their issue, I feel like I need to reward a different company with my business. 


                            I have a lot of swaying power with my clients, some of whom are fortune 50, and while I have yet to mention this issue to them, I am compelled to tell them about these issues which will certainly cause them to rethink their strategy.  Mistakes are part of life, and releasing a driver without fully testing it is a mistake.  However, ignoring the people who paid good money for the product is egregious.  My clients pay for products that are supported and stood behind.  A question to Intel is would you consider this standing behind your product?  I need to understand where this stands by Friday or the machines go back and my by recommendation to my client changes to a non-intel solution.

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                              @allan_intel  -  I too would very much like an update on this issue.




                              Thank you.

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                                Why we need to keep asking the updates here??? PLEASE Intel, isn't it that is the least you can do? We're paying premium for your products and I hope we deserve a bit better than this? Let me know if we're unreasonable here! 

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                                  I have a Z68A-GD65 G3 with i7 3770k... My cooler is an Coolmaster Hyper N520


                                  I'm using the IGP HD4000 and i have the same problem...


                                  Intel accelerator is crashing/recovering all the time...


                                  To read 1 email on hotmail this morning I got 8 crash of intel accelerator.

                                  Youtube video won't work every 10 seconds it's flicker


                                  Game Diablo 3 is crashing...


                                  Sometime it's fine but it won't last long problem come again.


                                  Facebook it's worse than my email, to change my picture i got 15-20 flicker.. intel accelerator has crashed and recovered...


                                  My little laptop atom n570 is better than that i7 3770k....



                                  I made little test :

                                  Changing memory speed from 1600 mhz to 1333 mhz (crash again)

                                  Disabling turbo boost technology : (crash again)

                                  Disabling GPU boost : (crash again)



                                  Ohhh by the way.. 


                                  My system was running fine with an i7 2600 using the IGP HD 2000


                                  I sold my i7 2600 to one of my friend. My problem came with my new i7 3770k... I also change 2 driver and updated my bios to support ivy.


                                  Here my change :

                                  1) Removing VGA driver

                                  2) Updating bios to support ivy with the latest version

                                  3) Removing i7 2600 and installing i7 3770k

                                  4) Installing new VGA driver ( 2761 ) and latest intel ME 8

                                  (All those driver are from the Intel web site)

                                  5) Crash occur

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                                    @Rob we are all frustrated.


                                    Intel knows it.


                                    They are also aware that they have fallen short of their goal to provide a quality experience.


                                    Expecting Intel to admit these things will set you up for disappointment. In most cases, Corporate America has grown too liability-conscious to provide a quality Support experience. It's sad.


                                    If you need immediate action, just sue them. That's the game they're playing. You've got enough for a class-action right here. A simple demand letter is probably the right place to start.


                                    While we are waiting for Intel to prioritize this issue, I still hope to find a workaround that will help with the user-pain.  Keeping this thread constructive gives us the best chance to do that. if we're not doing all we can for ourselves, Intel will get the idea it's not important.


                                    Thanks everyone.

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